Pneuma Implant Surgery

What is Pneuma implant surgery? Top medical specialists and urologists developed the Penuma Implant and have utilized it with extraordinary success on a large number of patients. This penis implant provides men with the improvement and enhancement they need, along with long time benefits. You can reverse the surgery; however, most men are so happy with the outcomes that there is no need to reverse it. This implant is prepared through silicone-like numerous cosmetic implants, for instance, in the buttocks or chin. This allows a more natural appearance.

Pneuma Implant Surgery NYC

Male Anxiety

Is size important? Men’s penis size is the result of genetics. However, this doesn’t stop many men from facing anxiety over something that is beyond their control. Many cultures have developed associations between penis size and other qualities. For instance, many cultures assume that the larger a man’s penis is, the more masculine and sexually appealing he is.

It’s common for men to compare the size of their penis with actors in pornography videos. This can be harmful in light of the fact that we, as a whole, realize pornography can give us a misconstrued and unrealistic view. This makes people think that “normal” penis size to truly is considered to be the minority size of the penis. The normal man’s penis is three to four inches and erected to six inches. Fewer than 3% of men meet the mark for eight inches or more. Furthermore, 15% of men measure at seven inches with less than 5000 men having 12 inches.

How Much Does Pneuma Surgery Cost You?

Penuma is a medical procedure for penis enlargement approved for commercial use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) according to regulation 510(k). The device is FDA-cleared for enhancement through a cosmetic procedure. The procedure has a bit expensive and will cost you about $15,000 with a forthright $1,000 as a deposit. Currently, Penuma is not secured with insurance and is not cleared to cure erectile dysfunction.

How Pneuma Implant Surgery Works?

The Penuma is a sickle formed a bit of clinical-grade silicone embedded under your penis skin to make your penis longer and more extensive. It comes in three sizes: extra-extra-large, extra-large, and large.

The tissues for giving your penis the shape are made generally out of two types:

·       Corpus Cavernosa

Two tube-shaped tissue pieces that run corresponding to one another along with the head of your penis

·       Corpus Spongiosum

One tube-shaped tissue piece that runs along the base of your penis surrounding your urethra, from where urine will come out.

Your Penuma device will be manufactured to accommodate your particular penis shape. It’s embedded into the shaft through the corpus cavernosa, similar to a sheath. This is done through a cut in your crotch zone simply over the base of the penis. The device extends the tissues and skin of your penis, making your penis feel and look bigger.

As indicated on the website of Dr. Elist, individuals who recently had the Penuma surgery report an increase in girth and length (measured around their penis) of almost 1.5 to 2.5 inches, while erect and flaccid. The normal male penis is around 3.6 inches in length (girth is 3.7 inches) when it is flaccid, and when erect, it is 5.2 inches in length (the girth is 4.6 inches). The Penuma could elongate the normal penis up to 6.1 inches in length when flaccid, and 7.7 inches when the penis is erect.

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Things You Need to Know

Here are a few key realities about the Penuma medical procedure:

  • If you aren’t circumcised right now, you’ll have to do this before the process.
  • You can return home on the same day after getting the procedure.
  • You’ll need to take a ride from and to the process.
  • The method normally takes 45 minutes up to an hour to finish.
  • Your specialist will utilize normal anesthesia, so you are asleep during the process.
  • You’ll return for a subsequent visit a few days after the process.
  • Your penis will swell for half a month after the medical procedure.
  • You’ll need to keep away from masturbation and sexual intercourse for around a month and a half.

What is the Success Rate of the Pneuma Implant Surgery Procedure?

As indicated by the Penuma site, the success rate of this procedure is high. Most reactions or inconveniences are purported because of individuals not abiding by the instruction of the doctor after the surgery.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine gave an account of a report assessment of 400 men who underwent the Penuma surgery. The examination found that 81 percent were happy with their outcomes at any rate “high” or “exceptionally high.”

Few subjects experienced inconveniences, including disease, seroma, and scarring. Also, 3 percent expected to have the device removed because of issues following the surgery.


The Penuma surgery is costly, yet many think that the surgery was worth it and beneficial. Men who opted for the Penuma surgery report a high rate of satisfaction due to increased degrees of self-confidence. For a few people, it can likewise bring undesirability and, most of the time, some side effects.

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