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NYC’s Top Urology Practice

Specializing in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implant Surgery.

Welcome to Fifth Avenue Urology, the practice of Dr. Yaniv M. Larish. We specialize in Penile Implant Surgery & the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, as well as general urological care of both men and women.

dr-yaniv-larish-fifth-avenue-urology-2Dr. Larish is an expert in penile implant surgery for advanced erectile dysfunction. He has trained and has extensive experience in performing these delicate and artful surgeries. He is an expert on all types of penile implants and the latest technology. He teaches resident doctors on urological surgery and therefore keeps up with all the latest advancements in penile implant surgery and the newest advancements in the actual implant technology.

Dr. Larish utilizes different types of penile implants based on his expert opinion and vast experience for each individual patient’s specific needs. He uses semi-rigid or inflatable implants. The pump inflatable implants come from different manufactures and are each slightly different in their application. He will use his experience in determining which implant is right for each patient.

Dr. Larish served as the former chief resident of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. We are focused on providing exceptional, detail oriented, unrushed, and compassionate urological care to men and women of all ages. As physicians, we view the ability to practice medicine as a privilege, not a right. We treat our patients with respect, professionalism and compassion.

We are located in Manhattan, in New York City’s beautiful Upper East Side. We offer the most advanced state of the art diagnosis and treatment for all problems of the male and female urological and reproductive systems.

We emphasize discretion and compassion with all of our patients no matter how large or small their problems are. We understand the emotional and physical attributes of urological problems. We understand that problems of the urological system, from the kidney to the genitals, can be worrisome, embarrassing and sensitive. We provide a compassionate and safe atmosphere to discuss and treat problems in a comfortable and confidential environment.

We are experts in conservative and surgical treatments. We never rush patients and never push surgery when alternative, less invasive treatments are possible. We are proud to be ethical and altruistic physicians with a reputation and history to prove it.

We keep up to date with the most advanced technology and pharmacology as the field of urology changes with the times. New medications and procedures are introduced regularly. We are involved with doctor education and training allowing us to easily keep on top of all the new and exciting breakthroughs in the field of urology.

And lastly, we have a great back office team that is well versed in the ins and outs of insurance company procedures and rules to make sure your care and surgery are covered. We run our office with customer care in mind by trying to make sure every patient is comfortable and visits occur in a timely manner.

How to Increase Penis Size: Penile Implants

Are you interested in increasing your penis size? Penile Implants are gadgets that are placed in the penis to help men dealing with erectile dysfunction. Penile implants are normally suggested after different medicines for erectile dysfunction come up short.

Penile implants come in two main types; semi rigid and inflatable. Each kind of penile implant functions in a different way and has different upsides and downsides.

Increase Penis Size - Penile Implants

The arrangement of penile implant requires medical procedure. Before picking penile implant, ensure you get the idea about what this medical procedure includes, including potential dangers, complexities and follow-up care.

Why You Need This Implant?

Most men dealing with ED can treat their condition with drugs or utilization of a penis pump (vacuum tightening gadget). You should seriously consider penile implants on the off chance that medication isn’t helping you with ED or using different strategies isn’t helping you get an erection adequate enough for sexual movement.

You can use penile implants to treat extreme instances of a condition that causes scarring in the penis, prompting bending or pain during an erection (Peyronie’s illness).

Penile implants aren’t for everybody. Your primary care physician may alert against penile implants in the event that you have:

  • Erectile Dysfunction that is situational, the aftereffect of a relationship struggle or conceivably reversible
  • An infection, for example, a urinary tract infection or pulmonary infection
  • Diabetes, which is uncontrollable for many men.

Remember that although penile implants permit erections, they don’t enhance your sexual sensation or desire. Usually, penile implants won’t make your penis any bigger than it normally is at the hour of medical procedure.

How you prepare

At first, you need to consult with your primary care physician or a urologist about penile implants. When you visit your primary care physician, they will probably:

  • Review your clinical history. Be set up to address inquiries concerning current and past conditions, particularly your experience with ED. Discussion about any meds you’re taking or have taken as of late, just as any medical procedures you’ve had.
  • Conduct a physical exam. To ensure penile implants are the most ideal choice for you, your primary care physician will conduct a physical test, including a complete urologic test. Your primary care physician will affirm the nearness and nature of ED, and ensure that your erectile dysfunction can’t be treated in another manner.

The individual in question will likewise attempt to decide if there’s any explanation that a penile implant medical procedure will cause inconveniences. Your primary care physician will likewise analyze your capacity to utilize your hands, since some penile implants require more noteworthy manual expertise than others.

  • Discuss your desires. Make sure you understand what the technique includes and determine which type of implant will be best for you. It’s likewise critical to realize that the strategy is viewed as changeless and irreversible.

Your primary care physician will likewise clarify the advantages and dangers, including possible inconveniences. In a perfect world, you’ll remember your accomplice for the conversation with your primary care physician.

Process of Penile Implants

You can find two diverse penile implants on the market these days. The 3-piece inflatable penile implant is among the most well known implant. Moreover, a flexible penile implant is likewise accessible. Regardless of the type, the penile implant is custom fitted for your body. This is to permit an acceptable erection for sex. Your affectability and capacity to discharge ought not to be influenced.

Between the two types of penile implants, the essential contrast is that the 3-piece inflatable implant creates a more characteristic erection. Meanwhile, the moldable implant (adaptable poles) creates a for all time firm penis.

Reasons Why You Should Consider an Implant

  • Satisfaction Rates in Patient: Patients who opted for inflatable penile implants reported a 98% of satisfaction rate.
  • Additional Rates of Patient Satisfaction: Patients who opted for penile implants give off an impression of being altogether more happy with their treatment alternative than those treated with erectile dysfunction medicine or other treatment options.
  • A Discrete Treatment for erectile dysfunction: A penile prosthesis won’t be noticeable when your penis is limp. Your sexual partner won’t know that you had to get an implant to address your ED unless you tell them.
  • Short Recovery Period: All men are different; however, a common recovery time after prosthesis implant system is four to about a month and a half. After you’ve completely recovered, you can start getting a charge out of sex again.
  • Cost-powerful: Penile implants have been demonstrated to be the most financially savvy erectile dysfunction treatment over a decade-long time span.
  • Insurance Coverage: they are endorsed by a doctor and are commonly secured by most plans of insurance, including Medicare.

How to increase Penis Size with Penile Implants


One explanation for such a large number of men being clandestine about their battles with erectile dysfunction is that they’ve been adapted to accept it as a part of maturing. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base!

Sure, growing older may mean having trouble hearing or getting the occasional backache, however, there’s no reason why you should have to keep on dealing with ED. Regardless of whether your erectile dysfunction is the consequence of diabetes, coronary illness, neurological issues or malignancy treatment, help is accessible.

Consult Fifth Avenue Urology for More Information on Penile Implants

If you have determined that a penile prosthesis might be the correct decision for treating your erectile dysfunction, our expert and professional Physician can assist you with finding a specialist in your general vicinity who works in helping men with erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind, the sooner you start the way toward recovering control of your sexual wellbeing, the sooner you can return to feeling like your old self.

Call today to schedule a confidential consultation:

Dr. Yaniv Larish

4 East 76th Street
New York, NY 10021

The Male Phallus & Confidence

When did confidence become associated to the male phallus? For the longest time, men have obsessed over their phallus size. Many people are of the misconception that if a man has a bigger phallus, he will be better at sex: he would be an alpha male that can satisfy a lover for longer durations. However, this is not true at all, various factors are attached to it, and the size of your phallus has nothing to do with it.

In this article, I will educate you on what a phallus is, the history of the phallus, and what these misconceptions have to do with toxic masculinity.

Phallus & Male Confidence

What is a Phallus?

Phallus refers to anything that resembles an erected penis. The word phallus comes from art history books. The art history referred to objects that resemble or the figures that mimic the look of the erect penis as ithyphallic.

In current times, the eggplant emoji is its biggest example. The vegetable does not look like a penis. However, it has become the representation of an erect penis.

The phallus is an alternate word for the penis. In the current world, people use referral words, emojis, and figures only because they do not want to say the word out loud.

Ancient Egypt and Phallus

In ancient Egypt, the phallus held great importance. Believers used to think of it as a symbol of fertility. Legend has it that in ancient Egypt, a God used to live amongst its people. However, the people cut the god into 14 pieces. The people scattered all his pieces in different areas of Egypt.

Later, his wife wandered the city and found all his pieces except for his penis. Legend says that a fish swallowed his penis. Therefore, God’s wife had to make a penis out of wood for the body.

Male Phallus Fallacy

Phallus fallacy is when a society starts relating the size of the phallus to worthiness and power. However, the size of the penis does not make your stronger or weaker, sexually or physically. It is a regular reproducing part of the body.

People’s obsession with a large phallus seems to be increasing. The main reason behind the obsession seems to be mainstream media. Now, if you watch television series, you will notice that a regular TV show has at least has one penis joke. The film, “This is the End,” had numerous penis jokes in it. The movie consistently hitting the charts is a sign of how people enjoy penis-centered comedy.

If you head over to Google right now and type in the keyword penis, you will 235,000,000 results. This large number is another sign that shows the obsession over male genitalia.

The porn industry plays a prominent role in this regard. In their content, they clearly show that a person with large genitals is more desirable, gets more attention, and is the strong alpha male. However, the reality is entirely different.

Media is setting a surreal body standard in people’s minds. Because numerous men think that having a bigger penis is a sign of strength, when they achieve it through surgery, they feel more confident and powerful.

Best Place to get Phallus Enlarging Surgery

If you want to enhance your male phallus, I recommend that you check the Fifth Avenue Urology Center. They have three of the best urologists at their facility to provide you with top-notch procedures.

The facility has state-of-art operations and excellent staff who will diagnose and treat your conditions accurately. The facility does not only provide services to treat your urological issues, but they will treat your reproductive issues as well.

The greatest thing about the facility and its doctors is that they provide you with great services and support. They believe that no matter how seemingly small your problem is, you need emotional and medical support from your doctor.

Dr. Micheal S. Brodherson is one of the most famous doctors in all over New York. He is an extremely experienced doctor. He is one doctor that people call in when any uncertainty occurs. He is an expert in dealing it challenging cases.

Dr. Yaniv M. Larish is another successful urologist. He is an expert at treating bladder issues, kidney issues, Prostate issues, and removing adrenal cancer.

Leonard Glickman is a detail-oriented urologist. He is obsessed with technology, so he provides all his patients with the latest treatments. He is a specialist at treating kidney stones, general urology consultations, vasectomy, anti-aging, and male fertility issues.

Confidence and the Male Phallus

Final Feedback

Having a nice sized phallus is great. However, not having one does not mean it’s the end of the world and worthy of lost confidence.

However, if you still face self-image issues because of the size of your phallus, I highly recommend that you schedule a confidential consultation with one of the specialists at Fifth Avenue Urology. They have the greatest facilities and even better doctors to treat all your urological problems.

Type of Penile Implants

What are the different type of penile implants? Medical professionals conduct a surgery in which they place an implant in the penis to help men with erectile dysfunction get an erection. Doctors will first prescribe other treatments such as medication for erectile dysfunction before recommending Penile implants.

You can find two major type of implants for your penis: inflatable, and semi-rigid. Both implants work differently and have different benefits and drawbacks.

To insert penile implants inside the penis, you need to undergo surgery. You need to know how this surgery works before making a final decision and choosing this procedure. Things that you should know include complications, possible risk, and follow-up care.

Type of Penile Implants

Benefits of Implants

Many men, who are keeping in mind the following benefits of implants, are choosing implants rather than medical treatments.

  • They have control over the duration of the erection and how much they can utilize it.
  • Their sex life has the ability to become very impulsive.
  • They experience a satisfied and rigid erection for sexual activities.
  • The erection will not be triggered with any device or encounter any barrier as the erection will be natural. This means there is a lack of paraphernalia.

Type of Penile Implants

You can select from various implants. Your preferences and needs will define which type of implant you should use. You and your doctors should consider various factors while defining the most suitable implant. These factors are:

  • Life expectancy.
  • Well-being and overall health.
  • If your penis is circumcised or not.
  • If you have any kidney transplant history.
  • Colostomy is present.
  • Any pelvic or abdominal surgical history.
  • Body type and size.
  • Size of the scrotum, glans, and penis.
  • Your age and your partner’s age.

Below you will find three common types of implants that you can choose from:

1.    Three-Piece Inflatable Pump

In this type of surgery, two cylinders are placed in your penis, a container that contains fluid in the abdomen, and in the scrotum, an inflatable pump. With the help of special tubing, all the above-mentioned components are joined together.

For erection, you need to squeeze the scrotum that includes the pump, which moves the fluid in the cylinder from the container. When you squeeze the release valve, the fluid will leave the cylinder and enter back in the container. When the fluid is back again, your penis will become flaccid.

The implant of a three-piece inflated pump works and appears the same as a natural erection. Even when the penis is flaccid, you will feel comfortable and natural.

Advantages Of Three-Piece Inflatable Pump:

You can enjoy a better sex life, and your partner will have no complaints either. You need to pump this implant whenever you want an erection. When you want your penis to shirk, you just press the release valve located above your pump.

  • A single larger pump will make it easy to pump up other than a two-piece pump.
  • Pain after the surgery as the penis has to adjust on a certain erection.
  • With this method, you will have the most erected and rigid from all the above method.
  • The flaccid position is very comfortable, as the implant will be very soft.
  • All the components will be hidden inside the body.
  • After the surgery, the penis will be flaccid, so you will not feel a lot of pain.

2.    Two-Piece Inflatable

The two-piece inflatable device is similar to a three-piece inflatable because both devices work using a similar process. But the fluid is stored inside the scrotum with the help of a pump, unlike a three-piece inflatable, which includes a separate container for storing fluid. This device is not rigid.

Advantages of Two-Piece Inflatable:

  • This method is easy for you, as well as your partner. You just have to pump it for erection.
  • This is the best option with restricted dexterity for men. If you are suffering from arthritis or having difficulty in using hands, you should consider this procedure. However, you will find this pump difficult to inflate and is very small.
  • The device will be concealed in your body. All the components will be inside.
  • The implant will be concealed completely in your body. Every part of this implant will be in your penis; however, some men are irritated with a permanent erection.

Type of Penile Implants 2

3.    Malleable Rods or Semi-Rigid

In this penile implant, a surgeon will implant two flexible rods into your penis. There won’t be any change in the stiffness or size of the implants and sustain the semi-rigid state. It is easy to set those implants in various positions. Normally, the implants are bending in a downward position; however, when you need to have sexual intercourse, you can change the position to upward. Although many men find this implant easy to use, some find that the constant rigid state is very uncomfortable.

Advantages of Malleable Rods or Semi-Rigid:

  • This is another easy implant for you and your partner to use. For erection, you simply need to bend the penis upward, and if you want the penis down, you need to bend the penis down.
  • If you have limited dexterity, then this implant is good for you. You should consider this treatment if you are using your hand with difficulty or are suffering from arthritis.
  • You may feel abnormal, or the appearance may not be as you want it to be.
  • These types of implants are less expensive penile implants. If you do not have insurance, then you should consider this implant.
  • The penile flesh will become thin and weak after a long time.
  • In the USA, only 20% of implants are performed.
  • The procedure of the surgery is very simple.
  • You will experience a lot of discomforts


You can achieve the best possible results if the particular penile device you selected is suitable for you. Our goal is to find the perfect blend of variables according to your satisfaction level. The decision is made going through patient history, available devices and attributes.

The surgeons at Fifth Avenue Urology will provide you with the best advice and surgery options to help correct your condition.

Contact us today at 212-541-6239 or visit the website and schedule an appointment.

* Telehealth consultations available *

Are you Considering a Penile Implant?

Are you considering a penile implant? Women experience stronger sexual urges than men do. They desire a partner who is good at sex but also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to size. But because of genetics, not all men are born with the length and girth that women desire.  In that case, cosmetic urologists can help.

Recent statistics show that, in America alone, around 30 million men deal with erectile dysfunction. It’s difficult to believe that so many men have the condition. This is because of the sensitivity of the topic, which prevents men from coming forward.

Currently, the market offers multiple to address erectile dysfunction. A penile implant is a long-term but fast solution to fix your issue. It involves a simple process, which does not take a lot of time to heal.

Keep in mind that a penile implant is not a solution you should invest in as soon as you get to know about your condition. In most cases, it should be a last resort, and it is better to keep it that way. Since there are multiple non-invasive treatments available on the market right now, it is best to try those first before resorting to penile implants.

In this article, we’ll go over penile implants. That means answering questions about it, the processes involved, how it can help, when you should get it, and things to need to consider before getting the penile implant surgery.

Are you Considering a Penile Implant?

What is Penile Implant?

A penile implant is a device that your urologist places inside your erection to help you with your erectile dysfunction.

Currently, there are two kinds of penile implants available on the market. The first is inflatable, and the other is semirigid. Both the implants are entirely different from another. They work in different ways and involve different risks, follow-up sessions, and complications.

The Process of Getting a Penile Implant

A penile implant is an invasive surgery. Therefore, you need to select the right doctor and facility to get the surgery. For that, I highly recommend that your check Fifth Avenue Urology Center.

Before opting for the procedure, your urologist will render you unconscious so that you do not feel any discomfort. They will use general anesthesia for this. However, many hospitals use spinal anesthesia to block the pain only from your lower body. On the other hand, the doctor also gives you IV antibiotics, so that you do not catch infections.

The Implant Surgery

Right before the surgery, your urologist will shave all the hair in the area. Then, they will make an incision right below the head of the penis, at the base of your penis, or in your lower abdomen.

After making the incision, your urologist will stretch the tissue of the penis. The tissue usually fills with blood while having an erection. Later, they will insert the custom implant inside the scrotum.

It is a three-piece device, so your doctor will implant a fluid reservoir below your abdominal walls. They will do so with an internal incision. In the end, the surgeon will seal the incision with stitches.

The entire surgery will only take between 45 minutes and an hour, after which you will be good to go.

Things you Need to Consider before Getting the Surgery

A penile implant is an invasive procedure. Therefore, you need to consider various things begetting the surgery. After the surgery, the urologist will prescribe some medication you will need to take regularly. These will help you with pain. They might give you a weeklong antibiotics course, which will help you avoid infections.

You will need to avoid the downward curvature of the penis during its healing process. You will need to restrain from sexual and physical activities for over six weeks. When the stitches heal, you will need to come back to the doctor to remove your stitches.

Your urologist will also recommend that you opt for the inflatable option. It would help if you learned how to inflate and deflate the implant. You will need to practice it by stretching it and moving it around in the cylinders.

Fifth Avenue Urology

Fifth Avenue Urology is the right place to get your procedure. Currently, they have New York’s most talented urologists and surgeons. The state of the art facility provides top-level services and care.

Considering getting a Penile Implant?

Final Feedback

Penile implants are becoming very common now. In the past, men rarely admitted to dealing with erectile dysfunction. Now, men are getting more comfortable with their condition and treating it in a more timely fashion.

If you are looking for a surgeon in New York to help you with it, I highly suggest that you consult the urologists at Fifth Avenue Urology. They have the most talented staff, state-of-the-art facility, and a pleasant environment to make you feel comfortable.

Real Ways to Increase Phallus Size

What are some real ways to increase phallus size? More than 45% of men think that their penis is small. For many men, size determines confidence and whether or not they have an enjoyable sex life. Hence, many men worry about their penis’s size. In fact, a lot of them would prefer to have a bigger penis.

However, many men overanalyze their ability to satisfy themselves and their partners. Here, you can find some facts:

  • The average length of a male penis is 5.1 inches.
  • On average, the length of a penis, when flaccid, ranges between 2.8 to 3.9 inches.
  • The average girth or circumference of a flaccid penis is 3.5 to 3.9 inches
  • The average length of penis, when erect, is about 4.7 inches

A study in the Journal of Urology explained that the size of an erect penis wasn’t related to the size of a flaccid penis. Here is good news for you if you believe that you have a small or average size penis. You can increase the size and length of your penis with various simple steps.

Ways to increase phallus size

1.    Pump or Traction Devices

The most popular method to enhance the size is by stretching it with a device or your hands. When you use your hand for stretching exercises, this will massage the tissue around your penis and increase the length. This is similar to lifting weights at the gym so that your muscle size increases. This way, your skin will stretch, creating many micro-tears in your tissue. So when these micro-tears increases, your penis will enlarge. However, there is no proof of how well this method works in the long term. The easiest method to increase the size of your penis is through air-filled or a cylindrical shaped penis, which will create a vacuum and lengthen your penis for a long time.

Penis pumps, as expected, will create a sudden erection and increase the length of the penis. This happens when your penis is inside the pump, and that pump forces an increase in the blood flow, allowing your penis to enlarge. When you use this pump regularly, you notice that your penis increases in size permanently.

Traction devices are different from pumps but are also popular. While pumps increase the size of the penis temporarily, traction devices stretch a flaccid penis. You need to use these devices for months, with a duration of four to nine hours every day. You should not use a penis pump for more than 30 minutes in one go. This will increase the risk of harming your tissues.

2.    Jelqing

Jelqing is just like massaging your penis, but you need to apply more pressure in this procedure. As jelqing is a practice among ancient civilizations, many men still use it today. Many guides advise waiting until the penis is completely erect. After that using lube, exert some pressure surrounding the shaft’s base (near the pubic bone). Now, while applying pressure, you need to slide the hand till the end, as if you are milking your penis.

This technique will increase the girth and length of the penis, but some men also claim that they used the practice for a couple of weeks and found no increase in girth or length.

However, there’s no harm if you are jelqing correctly. You may also find other benefits other than increasing the girth and size of your penis. This technique may also help you in making your erection more comfortable. When you notice a difference in the length of an erect or flaccid penis, you will be able to decrease your anxiety about erection size.

What are some ways to increase phallus size?

3.    Penis Enhancement Surgeries

A 2015 survey showed that American men expressed the most desire in penis enlargement surgery, with the second being fat reduction. You can find various options for surgery, such as plastic surgery, fat injection, and implants.

One of the most popular procedures for increasing penis girth and length is a penile implant. This method is similar to breast augmentation. This process includes inserting a silicone implant inside the penis and then joining it with the head. This way, when you get an erection, these implants will enlarge your penis.

These implants will increase your penis size for approximately 1.5 inches, and the girth increases up to 2.5 inches. Men prefer these implants as these are the same, and you do not have to include other components of the device. These silicone implants are soft, which keeps your penis softer.


More and more men are opting for surgeries such as penile implants as this is the best method to enlarge your penis, depending on your need. For these types of surgeries, you should seek help from a professional surgeon.

To book an appointment and consult with an expert surgeon, contact us at 212-541-6239.

Learn more about increasing the size of your penis with penile implants on our website.

Male Enhancement Surgery

Looking for information about male enhancement surgery? Then read on. The average size of the penis is five inches or 13 cm when fully erect. Despite having an average-sized penis, it’s common for men to desire a large penis. This increases their interest in searching for various methods to increase their size.

Changes in Lifestyle for Better Sex and Increased Size of the Penis

When you want to improve your sex life and are considering male enhancement surgery, you need to think about the changes in your lifestyle that will help you undergo such an invasive procedure. Here are some lifestyle changes that may help you:

  • Daily exercise is important to build confidence, improve health, and also increase your penis size visually.
  • According to various studies, it is found that people who smoke a lot have an increased risk of impotence and erectile dysfunction. So you should quit smoking. (Source)
  • Talk to your partner about sexual preferences. Open conversation works a lot.
  • Attentively considering what your partner needs normally

Before you choose a method for penis enhancement, it is important that you also follow other ways to improve your sex life, physical attractiveness, and self-confidence. Take as much time as you want and consider if you really need male enhancement surgery.

Male Enhancement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Goals

No reputable organization recommends male enhancement surgery for cosmetic reasons only. Doctors only recommend this surgery when a medical condition, such as having a micro-penis, affects the quality of life or normal function of the penis.

However, this penis enhancement procedure is becoming popular among men who already have a normal-sized penis. In most cases, men are unaware that they are suffering from PDD (pervasive developmental disorders), so they believe that their penis is smaller in comparison to other men.

The reason behind a micro-penis may be acquired or congenital and requires elongation of the penis through male enhancement surgery. A 2017 research by Western University suggests that the main focus in patients suffering from this condition is to restore the functionality of the penis by enhancing the size. This process of normal standing maturation will improve the quality of life and increase satisfaction rate during intercourse, for you and your partner.

Eligibility for Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you are suffering from acquired or congenital micropenis, you should opt for male enhancement surgery to restore or improve your urinary or sexual penile functions. You may also find this procedure t be beneficial if you have Peyronie’s disease. In this condition, a person has a painful or crooked erection or tissue damage in the penis during intercourse.

Even if you have a normal-sized penis, you can consider this enhancement surgery under the below conditions:

  • If you believe your sexual life and confidence will improve.
  • If you feel like your penis is small as compared to the rest of your body.
  • Your penis is small or shrinking because of some medical condition.

You should be in good health, and it is important to have a positive attitude about male enhancement surgery. You should also have realistic expectations for the possible results.

Things you Need to Know Before and After Surgery

After increasing the girth and length of the penis through male enhancement surgery, many patients feel a new sense of masculinity and well being. This will consequently increase your confidence, lead you to strong self-assurance, and an amazing quality of life in different areas.

If you want to consider male enhancement surgery, you need to know the basic expectations before and after the surgery. Below, you can find some facts that will help you through the procedure:

  • To perform the procedure, a surgeon will require two hours.
  • Many patients can return home the same day after the surgery.
  • You should ask someone from your family to help you get home after the surgery.
  • You may experience swelling, redness, and pain for a couple of weeks after going through surgery.
  • You should avoid sexual activities also including masturbation, for six months after going through surgery.

NY Urologist for Male Enhancement Surgery


Experts suggest that before you even consider the penis enhancement surgery, you need to communicate your concerns, desires, and preferences to your partner clearly. You and your partner both need to decide which surgery you won’t go for, either less invasive surgeries such as dermal filler injections or fat transfer, or suspensory ligament transection.

It’s common for men to realize, once they discuss issues with their partner, that the size of their penis is not a problem. They find this out by openly discussing with their partner or their doctor. If you are opting for penis enlargement, you need to discuss the procedure with your doctor. The shape and size of the penis are defined before birth, so regardless of your size, it doesn’t determine your sexual abilities.

Contact Fifth Avenue Urology today at 212-370-4170 to book a consultation with one of our expert surgeons. 

Read more about penile implants on our website here: https://www.fifthavenueurology.com/penile-implants/.

Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is every man’s worst nightmare. However, it is not as scary as you think it is. It is possible for men to spend a happy life, even with the condition. You do not need to worry about being impotent because you can always adopt beautiful kids from your local orphanage and raise them as yours.

Since ages past, society has frowned on impotence. It is about time that we educate people about it and break the stereotype. This is the only way you can address the issue of having a healthy sex life with your partner. However, you will need to acknowledge it before you can treat it.

In this article, I will educate you on erectile dysfunction. What is the condition? What are its symptoms? How can you treat it? And where can you get help?

Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction? | NY Top ED Urologist

More about Erectile Dysfunction

I am sure you have heard of impotence, but what is it? Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to get an erection, or they cannot keep the erection for long enough to have sexual intercourse.

Take notes that there are two kinds of erectile dysfunction. One is a permanent state while other is occasional. Many men experience it while they are in stress. In many cases, it is a sign that the man is not in a healthy relationship or is an emotional trauma that he cannot keep it for long.

However, in case of a bad relationship or emotional trauma situation, you need to contact a professional to help you.

You might not know this, but erectile dysfunction is common around the world. In America, around 30 million men have the condition.

What are the Symptoms?

Research shows that men think about sex at least 19 times a day. Men are very expressive when it comes to sexual desires. However, if you start noticing that your desire to have sex is starting to diminish exponentially, you should check if you have erectile dysfunction.

Another major symptom is that you are unable to keep your erection during sexual intercourse. In other cases, you might find it troublesome to even get an erection in the first place.

When you have erectile dysfunction, you might experience extremely low self-esteem, constant feelings of depression, and distress with your loving partner. This may be because you are unable to please your partner.

When men get sexually excited, they instantly experience erection. Sexual thoughts increase the flow of blood in the penis, and the man starts experiencing an erection.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not a chronic disease that you cannot fix. Whether it is permanent or temporary, you can address it using various methods.

The most common way to treat the condition is by consuming oral drugs like Cialis, Stendra, Viagra, or Levitra. All of the drugs are easily available over the counter.

The other common treatment for it is testosterone therapy. The therapy will directly target your testosterone production. Another common way to treat it is by using penile injections. You can also consume intraurethral medicines.

Another option is a vacuum erection device. Make sure that the device is medical-grade, and you do not buy it from shady retailers.

Best place to get your Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Your fertility plays an important role in having a steady relationship with your partners. Therefore, treating a disease like erectile dysfunction is essential.

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They sub-specialize in treating erectile dysfunction via cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical male enhancement procedures.

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Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction? | NY Top ED Urologists

Final Feedback

Erectile dysfunction is not a major problem. You can address it with low dose drugs or cosmetic enhancement procedure. At the same time, you should fix the root cause behind it, such as a bad relationship, depression, or some stress.

If you’d like to consult an expert about solutions, Call Fifth Avenue Urology. Expert doctors will treat your erectile dysfunction, along with other urological issues you might be dealing with.


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3-piece Inflatable Penile Implant

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Penile Implants are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). They provide physical support to the penis so that the patient can achieve an erection. Many patients report the highest rate of satisfaction with the use of the 3-piece inflatable implant. This is due in part to how the 3-piece provide the closest natural look and feel to the penis as compared to the semi-rigid implants.

How does the 3-piece Penile Implant work?

The three-piece device is composed of two cylinders that are surgically placed in the erectile tissues of the penis. These cylinders are then attached to a tube that is connected to the reservoir, which is situated in the lower abdomen. The reservoir contains saline which is delivered to the cylinders by a pump, which is placed in the scrotal sac. When the patient is ready for sexual activity, he presses the pump, which then delivers the saline from the reservoir into the cylinders resulting in inflation of the penis causing an erection. When the patient is finished, he presses the deflator valve located at the bottom of the pump, which then delivers the saline back into the reservoir causing the penis to deflate and return to its normal, flaccid state.

What are the most common types of 3-piece inflatable penile implants?

The most common types of 3-piece prosthesis are created by American Medical Systems, Inc. and Coloplast. The 3-piece devices created by both companies work in very similar ways, with just a few small differences. Antibiotic devices help reduce infection rates dramatically in patients who have penile implant surgery. All AMS models are coated with antibiotic to help reduce infection. Coloplast prostheses are not covered with an antibiotic, but the hydrophilic surface allows the chosen antibiotic to adhere better to the implant.

            Which type of 3-piece inflatable penile implant is better for penis straightening?

The AMS 700 CX and the Coloplast Titan implants are used by surgeons to achieve penile straightening especially in the case of patients diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease (PD). PD occurs after the penis is exposed to repeated trauma, which causes curvature, shortening, and pain of the penis. The AMS model also provides lubrication and increased durability due to its Parylene coating.

            Which type of 3-piece inflatable penile implant is better for increasing penile girth?

The AMS 700 CXR provides expansion of penile girth, which can be useful for men who have scarred or narrow penile tissues. The AMS 700 LGX helps with both length and girth and can provide up to 1-4cm of increase in length.

Benefit of 3-piece Inflatable implant over semi-rigid implant

By far the most significant advantage of using the inflatable devices instead of the semi-rigid implant is the ability to return to a flaccid state after sexual activity. With the simple push of the deflator valve, the patient can deflate his penis, which produces a much more natural feel and look as compared to the semi-rigid implant which prevents a return to a flaccid state. Besides some small scarring located on the underside of the penis and the scrotum, the inflatable implants are discreet and undetectable to the naked eye. Patients report that there are no changes to the sensation and ability to ejaculate with the outfitting of the inflatable implant.

Cons of 3-piece inflatable implant

However, there are some disadvantages to using the inflatable implants. Since the two-piece implant reservoir is comparatively smaller, there may not be enough saline in the reservoir-pump combo unit to produce a full erection as compared to the three-piece repository. Complication rates also tend to be higher with the inflatable implants as compared to the semi-rigid devices due in part to the multiple different units comprising the implant.

If you would like to know more about how penile implants can benefit you and your partner, contact us today at 212-541-6239 and schedule your free appointment.

To find out more about penile implants, visit our website at fifthavenueurology.com.

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2-piece Inflatable Penile Implant

Indications for inflatable penile implants

Penile Implants are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). They provide physical support to the penis so that the patient can achieve an erection.

Inflatable implants are slightly more complicated to use than the semi-rigid implants. However, what they lack in simplicity they more than makeup for in functionality. As the name suggests, inflatable implants provide the patient with an erection when they are inflated.

How does the 2-piece Inflatable Penile Implant work?

The two-piece is composed of two cylinders that are surgically placed in the penis. These cylinders are then attached to a tube that is connected to the combined reservoir and pump unit. The reservoir contains saline which is delivered to the cylinders by the pump. This reservoir-pump combo is placed inside the scrotum; therefore there are no parts placed within the lower abdomen, and the surgery is less complicated as compared to the three-piece penile implant.

When the patient is ready for sexual activity, he presses the pump, which then delivers the saline from the reservoir into the cylinders resulting in inflation of the penis causing an erection. When the patient is finished, he presses the deflator valve located at the bottom of the pump, which then delivers the saline back into the reservoir causing the penis to deflate and return to its normal, flaccid state.

Manufacturers of 2-piece penile implants

The most common type of 2-piece prosthesis is created by American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMS). Antibiotic devices help reduce infection rates dramatically in patients who have penile implant surgery. All AMS models are coated with antibiotic to help reduce infection. Ambicor is the name of the penile implant model created by AMS and is an excellent option for men who only want their prosthesis to be placed in the penis and scrotum. A study was done in 1999-2004 which showed that 85% of patients were satisfied with the Ambicor implant.

Advantages of using 2-piece inflatable penile implants

By far the most significant benefit of using the inflatable devices is the ability to return to a flaccid state after sexual activity. With the simple push of the deflator valve, the patient can deflate his penis, which produces a much more natural feel and look as compared to the semi-rigid implant which prevents a return to a flaccid state. Besides some small scarring located on the underside of the penis and the scrotum, the inflatable implants are discreet and undetectable to the naked eye. Patients report that there are no changes to the sensation and ability to ejaculate with the outfitting of the inflatable implant.

Disadvantages of using 2-piece inflatable penile implants

However, there are some disadvantages to using the inflatable implants. Since the two-piece implant reservoir is comparatively smaller, there may not be enough saline in the reservoir-pump combo unit to produce a full erection as compared to the three-piece repository. Complication rates also tend to be higher with the inflatable implants due in part to the multiple different units that could malfunction individually.

If you would like to know more about how penile implants can benefit you and your partner, contact us today at 212-541-6239 and schedule your appointment. To find out more about penile implants, visit our website at fifthavenueurology.com.

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Penile Implants Facts vs. Fiction

Over the years, the stigma surrounding the facts about penile implants has changed significantly. Going from a taboo to a necessity in some cases, people have become a lot more understanding of implants and their uses. But with that said, there is still a lot of misconception surrounding implants, especially penile implants. So, if you want to get implants for your penis due to medical reasons but are not doing so because of the myths surrounding it, this is a list to clarify a few things. Here are a few myths surrounding penile implants, and how they grossly cloud the truth.

Myths About Penile Implants

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Too Invasive and Take Too Long

Fact: This is probably one of the biggest myths that you have heard in connection to penile implants. True, two or three decades ago, urology in general was an extremely invasive practice that would require a lot of incisions. These careful and methodical incisions would also take a lot of time to heal.

However, a lot has changed in the decades since these myths started to spread. Now, your urologist will only have to make a small incision near your penis and slowly insert the device. The process is quick and seamless, sometimes taking less than an hour to complete.

Fiction: Penile Implants Have a Very Long Recovery Time

Fact: Once the operation of a penile implant is complete, you will stay the night at a hospital under supervision. After that, implants will tend to have minor pain for the first week that you can easily get rid of through oral medication. Finally, the device can be up and running in almost four to six weeks after the operation. In other words, penile implants are actually one of the few urology procedures with an incredibly low recovery time.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Just Novelty Procedures

Fact: Now, this myth could not be further from the truth. Penile implants are a last resort solution to erectile dysfunction. So, men who opt for penile implant in the first place are only doing so because no other form of medication or treatment worked for them.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Very Unnatural and Stands Out

Fact: Penile implants are designed in a way that they remain concealed within the penis. So, when your penis is flaccid, you will not even recognize the implant within the body. But you may feel a slight bulge when you get an erection. Regardless, it is still very natural, and many studies have shown that partners are more than satisfied with penile implants.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Not Reliable and Are the Least Desirable Treatment

Fact: While it is true that penile implants are a last resort when it comes to treatments, they are more than reliable. These Implants have excellent mechanical build quality with studies showing 97% reliability rate over five years. More importantly, studies also show that 94% of men with penile implants were more than satisfied with the result of their implants. So it is safe to say that this myth is just fiction at best.


Having a discussion about penile implants with your urologist or partner can be very difficult. But getting these implants not only ensures that you can have erections again, but it also relieves you of other medication and treatments.

If you are looking to get penile implants, be sure to visit our website where you can learn more about our urologists and any other services that we provide.