Penile Implants Facts vs. Fiction

Over the years, the stigma surrounding the facts about penile implants has changed significantly. Going from a taboo to a necessity in some cases, people have become a lot more understanding of implants and their uses. But with that said, there is still a lot of misconception surrounding implants, especially penile implants. So, if you want to get implants for your penis due to medical reasons but are not doing so because of the myths surrounding it, this is a list to clarify a few things. Here are a few myths surrounding penile implants, and how they grossly cloud the truth.

Myths About Penile Implants

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Too Invasive and Take Too Long

Fact: This is probably one of the biggest myths that you have heard in connection to penile implants. True, two or three decades ago, urology in general was an extremely invasive practice that would require a lot of incisions. These careful and methodical incisions would also take a lot of time to heal.

However, a lot has changed in the decades since these myths started to spread. Now, your urologist will only have to make a small incision near your penis and slowly insert the device. The process is quick and seamless, sometimes taking less than an hour to complete.

Fiction: Penile Implants Have a Very Long Recovery Time

Fact: Once the operation of a penile implant is complete, you will stay the night at a hospital under supervision. After that, implants will tend to have minor pain for the first week that you can easily get rid of through oral medication. Finally, the device can be up and running in almost four to six weeks after the operation. In other words, penile implants are actually one of the few urology procedures with an incredibly low recovery time.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Just Novelty Procedures

Fact: Now, this myth could not be further from the truth. Penile implants are a last resort solution to erectile dysfunction. So, men who opt for penile implant in the first place are only doing so because no other form of medication or treatment worked for them.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Very Unnatural and Stands Out

Fact: Penile implants are designed in a way that they remain concealed within the penis. So, when your penis is flaccid, you will not even recognize the implant within the body. But you may feel a slight bulge when you get an erection. Regardless, it is still very natural, and many studies have shown that partners are more than satisfied with penile implants.

Fiction: Penile Implants Are Not Reliable and Are the Least Desirable Treatment

Fact: While it is true that penile implants are a last resort when it comes to treatments, they are more than reliable. These Implants have excellent mechanical build quality with studies showing 97% reliability rate over five years. More importantly, studies also show that 94% of men with penile implants were more than satisfied with the result of their implants. So it is safe to say that this myth is just fiction at best.


Having a discussion about penile implants with your urologist or partner can be very difficult. But getting these implants not only ensures that you can have erections again, but it also relieves you of other medication and treatments.

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