Penile Implant Surgery in NYC

What Are the Benefits of Using Penile Implants?

While penile implant surgery has been around for a while, more people than ever are aware of them as a suitable treatment for erectile dysfunction. But while they are becoming more mainstream, many people may still be unaware of their benefits and why they should consider going for the procedure. Here are some of the common reasons you should consider getting a penile implant.

High Satisfaction Rates

One of the biggest selling points of penile implants is the very high degree of satisfaction patients have with them. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that around 93% of those who have undergone the surgery were satisfied by it. This is much higher than the 51.6% who said they were satisfied with Viagra and 40.9% who reported that they were satisfied with injection treatment.

Covered by Medicare

One of the benefits of penile implants is that they are covered by many insurance plans, including Medicare. Medicare started covering penile implants shortly after they’d been introduced and many insurance plans started covering them as well, which makes them a great option.

Completely Invisible

Many people are under the impression that penile implants will be visible, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, penile implants are largely invisible. All the components are concealed inside the penis, scrotum and abdomen and no one will be able to tell if you have an implant.

Fast Recovery Time

Another great benefit of penile implant surgery is the relatively fast recovery time. As a matter of fact, you could be back on your feet in as little as 4 weeks in some cases. Once you’re fully recovered, you’ll be able to get back to your regular sex life.

Higher Control Over Your Erections

Perhaps the most important benefit of penile implants is the control you’ll be able to have over your erection. Inflatable penile implants allow you to have full control of your erection using a pump system. You can control the length and rigidity of your erection at will as well, which makes them a much better option than medication in many cases.

As you can see, penile implants have many things going for them and should be considered if you’re suffering from erectile disorder.

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