How Do Penile Implants Function?

How Do Penile Implants Function? Men with erectile dysfunction who fail to respond to other treatment types opt for penile implant surgery. In this surgery, doctors place a prosthetic device inside their patient’s scrotum or penis. With this device’s help, men regain their sexual function, essentially gaining their erections back as well.

How Do Penile Implants Function?

Who Are Candidates for Penile Implant Surgery?

Men who have specific problems that lead to erectile dysfunction are the main candidates for penile implant surgeries. Doctors only consider this invasive procedure as a last resort. They usually try to rectify their patient’s situation with noninvasive methods.

What Are the Different Types of Penile Implants?

With technological advancements, numerous penile implant types are available today. The patient’s preferences and needs are the determining factors for choosing the type of implant for the surgery. Before discussing the implant types, surgeons and patients should consider the following factors.

  • Life expectancy
  • Overall wellbeing and health
  • Is the penis circumcised or not
  • Kidney transplant history
  • Colostomy presence
  • Previous history of pelvic or abdominal surgery
  • Scrotum, gland, and penis size
  • The man’s and his partners’ ages
  • Type and size of the man’s body

Following are three main penile implant types:

1.     Three-Piece Inflatable Pump

In this inflatable pump, doctor place two cylinders inside their patient’s penis. The scrotum contains the inflatable pump while the abdomen contains the fluid-filled container. Doctors use special tubing to connect these components.

As the pump squeezes, the fluid present in the scrotum leaves the containers and goes to the cylinder, which creates an erection. After squeezing the release valve, fluid releases from the cylinder and goes inside the container, which gives girth to the penis.

With inflation, the erections gained from the three-piece pumps feel real. They also feel comfortable and natural when the penis is flaccid.

2.     Two-Piece Inflatable Pump

There are several similarities between the two and three-piece inflatable devices. They essentially operate in the same way. The only thing that differentiates the two-piece inflatable pump from its three-piece counterpart is that the pump present inside the patient’s scrotum contains the fluid. There are no fluid-filled containers in the two-piece pumps. Although it is an efficient pump, it does have a major drawback. It is not rigid in comparison to the three-piece pump implant.

3.     Malleable or Semi-Rigid Rods

In this penile implant, surgeons place two flexible rods inside their patient’s penis. These implants always remain in a semi-rigid state and do not change their stiffness or size. Setting them in different positions, however, is easy.

Although malleable or semi-rigid implants bend in a downward direction, straightening them is also possible. Straightening these implants upwards comes in handy during sexual intercourse. Despite the semi-rigid rod’s easy usability, some men find the state of constant erections to be extremely uncomfortable.

Sexual Intercourse with Penile Implants

The stiffness, girth, and erection all feel the same to most men when they have sexual intercourse. Some men complain that their erections do not last as long, and some say that their penis’s tip feels numb and doesn’t erect like the rest of the penis.


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