Do Penile Implant Surgeons Require Special Training?

Do Penile Implant Surgeons Require Special Training? Over the last two decades technological advancements have completely revolutionized urological practices. Moving from an invasive open surgery model to minimal invasion and cuts, Urological practices have come a long way. However, since urologists are working on very sensitive parts of the body, it raises the question, “Is technology overshadowing the raw skill of urologists?”  In other words, do male implant surgeons require special training to stay up-to-date with this current age of technology?

Becoming a Urologist

To answer your question, yes, implant surgeons do require specialized training to help them deal with the complicated nature of their job. Being a urologist is an incredibly hard job, not only because they have to deal with incredibly sensitive parts of the body, but also because they have to learn crucial information from a variety of medical professions.

Urologists also have an extremely rigorous training procedure and education throughout the years they spend in the med school.

Education Requirements

Urologists alone, have to go through about four years of med school. After that, they have to go through another four or five years of training at a hospital. This training prepares them for surgeries that they have to perform throughout their professional lives. For many urologists, this is where their education stops. However, some go the extra mile with fellowships that help them sharpen their surgical skills.

These fellowships also help them specialize in a very specific area of their craft, like female urology or urological oncology. It is very common for urologists to go that extra mile, as it gives them more insight of their area of expertise, and helps them become better surgeons. After going through almost ten years of studies, they have to pass the specialty certification exam for urologists.

Now, this is only the educational side of their careers. In addition to theoretical studies, they have to spend quite a few years in training. They have to receive extensive training in surgical procedures.

Sensitivity of the work

The human genitals are incredibly sensitive parts of the body, and one mistake can result in major irreversible damages. So, it is imperative for the surgeons and urologists alike to be well-versed and capable of doing surgeries like vasectomies or penile implants. And in clinics and hospitals, where urologists don’t have the skills to perform more advanced surgery, the institution will take help from outsourced resources.

Med schools understand the importance of urology and hence prepare their physicians for every challenge they may encounter. Med schools test the limits of their students through rigorous testing and simulations, all of which have very low margin for error.


Implant surgeons are possibly the most important individuals in urology. They have to be great at breaking the ice and socializing because of the nature of the issues they deal with. People are not very open about urological issues, especially when it comes to penile implants. It is the implant surgeon who has to make them feel comfortable before suggesting a surgery.

With very low margin for error, you wouldn’t want to take a risk with a surgeon who does not have the experience or skill to deal with your situation. So, be sure to visit our website in order to find out more about our implant surgeons and various other treatments.

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