Male Implants: Rigid, Semi-Rigid or Inflatable?

Are you curious about male implants? Erectile dysfunction is a problem that most people can’t even bring up in front of their friends or relatives. It is a complicated issue, but it is crucial to find immediate remedies to these situations. According to several studies, every one out of five men is bound to have this problem after he reaches 60. The first course of action that most doctors take to cure this condition is to give their patients pills such as Viagra. However, in most difficult situations, these pills do not do the job. This only leaves doctors with one option, and that is male penile implants.

Connecting these implants to the human body is a complicated procedure. It is also extremely invasive, but the success rates are high, and more importantly, it is the only option left in certain conditions. After placing the penile prosthetic implants in the male’s body, he will gain erections that feel as good as ever.

Male Penile Implant Devices

These penile devices are discreet and tailored to help men achieve erections that feel natural. Once the doctors implant the prosthetic, men mostly get total control of their bodies and can put their prosthetics to use at any time they want. This makes it a remarkably better option than other obscure alternatives that have low success rates. There are a few male implant types available in this age, the most common ones that most well-reputed doctors use are Rigid, Semi-rigid, and inflatable implants. All of these have their own functionalities and different operating procedures.

Let us discuss them one by one to see what they offer patients with erectile dysfunction.

Three Piece and Two Piece Penile Prosthesis (Rigid)

This implant contains two cylinders, which the urologists place inside the penis. The three-piece implant also has an inflatable pump, which the doctors put inside the scrotum. They then put a container filled with fluid inside their patient’s abdomen. Special tubing is what most urologists use to join this implant.

The two-piece implants are like their three-piece counterparts with the only major differences being that they do not have containers for keeping fluid. The scrotum’s pump is where the fluid goes. The two-piece implant is also rigid, but not as rigid as the former implant.

Semi-Rigid Rods

Semi-rigid rods are extremely flexible when you compare them to three and two-piece implants. Doctors put them inside their patient’s penis. Their semi-rigid state means that their shape and size remains the same all of the time. Patients can, however, easily change this implant’s position. A disadvantage of the semi-rigid or malleable rod is that it always keeps the penis in an erect state, which some men find quite uncomfortable.

Inflatable Penile Implants

Silicone and Bioflex are what most manufacturers use to create inflatable penile prosthesis. Its material is durable and supple. The erections that patients get with these implants mimic the performance and looks of real erections. In inflatable penis implants, doctors place a pump inside their patients’ scrotum, followed by entering two-cylinder pieces in the penis, and concluding with a reservoir inside the abdomen.


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