Real Ways to Increase Phallus Size

What are some real ways to increase phallus size? More than 45% of men think that their penis is small. For many men, size determines confidence and whether or not they have an enjoyable sex life. Hence, many men worry about their penis’s size. In fact, a lot of them would prefer to have a bigger penis.

However, many men overanalyze their ability to satisfy themselves and their partners. Here, you can find some facts:

  • The average length of a male penis is 5.1 inches.
  • On average, the length of a penis, when flaccid, ranges between 2.8 to 3.9 inches.
  • The average girth or circumference of a flaccid penis is 3.5 to 3.9 inches
  • The average length of penis, when erect, is about 4.7 inches

A study in the Journal of Urology explained that the size of an erect penis wasn’t related to the size of a flaccid penis. Here is good news for you if you believe that you have a small or average size penis. You can increase the size and length of your penis with various simple steps.

Ways to increase phallus size

1.    Pump or Traction Devices

The most popular method to enhance the size is by stretching it with a device or your hands. When you use your hand for stretching exercises, this will massage the tissue around your penis and increase the length. This is similar to lifting weights at the gym so that your muscle size increases. This way, your skin will stretch, creating many micro-tears in your tissue. So when these micro-tears increases, your penis will enlarge. However, there is no proof of how well this method works in the long term. The easiest method to increase the size of your penis is through air-filled or a cylindrical shaped penis, which will create a vacuum and lengthen your penis for a long time.

Penis pumps, as expected, will create a sudden erection and increase the length of the penis. This happens when your penis is inside the pump, and that pump forces an increase in the blood flow, allowing your penis to enlarge. When you use this pump regularly, you notice that your penis increases in size permanently.

Traction devices are different from pumps but are also popular. While pumps increase the size of the penis temporarily, traction devices stretch a flaccid penis. You need to use these devices for months, with a duration of four to nine hours every day. You should not use a penis pump for more than 30 minutes in one go. This will increase the risk of harming your tissues.

2.    Jelqing

Jelqing is just like massaging your penis, but you need to apply more pressure in this procedure. As jelqing is a practice among ancient civilizations, many men still use it today. Many guides advise waiting until the penis is completely erect. After that using lube, exert some pressure surrounding the shaft’s base (near the pubic bone). Now, while applying pressure, you need to slide the hand till the end, as if you are milking your penis.

This technique will increase the girth and length of the penis, but some men also claim that they used the practice for a couple of weeks and found no increase in girth or length.

However, there’s no harm if you are jelqing correctly. You may also find other benefits other than increasing the girth and size of your penis. This technique may also help you in making your erection more comfortable. When you notice a difference in the length of an erect or flaccid penis, you will be able to decrease your anxiety about erection size.

What are some ways to increase phallus size?

3.    Penis Enhancement Surgeries

A 2015 survey showed that American men expressed the most desire in penis enlargement surgery, with the second being fat reduction. You can find various options for surgery, such as plastic surgery, fat injection, and implants.

One of the most popular procedures for increasing penis girth and length is a penile implant. This method is similar to breast augmentation. This process includes inserting a silicone implant inside the penis and then joining it with the head. This way, when you get an erection, these implants will enlarge your penis.

These implants will increase your penis size for approximately 1.5 inches, and the girth increases up to 2.5 inches. Men prefer these implants as these are the same, and you do not have to include other components of the device. These silicone implants are soft, which keeps your penis softer.


More and more men are opting for surgeries such as penile implants as this is the best method to enlarge your penis, depending on your need. For these types of surgeries, you should seek help from a professional surgeon.

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