What to expect before, after, and during penile implant surgery?

Today we will discuss what to expect during penile implant surgery, including pre-op, the surgery itself, and post-op. During a typical penile prosthetic or penile implant surgical procedure, the urologic or prosthetic surgeon will insert semi-rigid, bendable rods or inflatable cylinders inside your penis. If you’ve been recommended an inflatable penile prosthesis, then the surgeon will also place a pump (that is fitted with a discharge valve) and a fluid-filled reservoir in your scrotum and abdomen respectively. Once the surgery is complete and you recuperate fully (that could about 5-6 weeks), you need to inflate and deflate the device as per your need and convenience.

You normally opt for a penile implant operation when conventional modes of treatment, including oral or injectable drugs and vacuum constricted device (VCD or penile pump), have not helped in curing your ED.

Preparing for the penile implant surgical procedure

At the outset, your doctor or surgeon who’ll carry out the implant surgery will go through your medical background as well as perform a detailed physical checkup to ensure that you’re ready for the same. He or she’ll also consider whether your issue can be resolved via alternative treatment plans. Once the physician has given his or her nod for the surgery, you’ll be transferred either to the outpatient department or to a male ward where you’ll stay overnight.

You’ll be put on preoperative antibiotics that’ll you’ll keep taking until the surgery can start the next day.

The surgery: Modus operandi

The surgeon usually makes a penoscrotal or infrapubic opening usually about 3-4cm in size (for implanting an inflatable device). The incisions are usually created in the lower abdomen, right underneath the penis or below its tip (glans penis). The patient is either put on general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia before the surgeon can commence with the process.

Also, the entire that will be operated upon is clean shaved, and a cannula or catheter is inserted so that the same can collect urine. Additionally, an IV tube is installed as well for administering saline, antibiotics or other drugs. After that the penile tissues that become inflated with blood leading to erection are stretched out to facilitate the placement of the inflatable tubes.

Depending on whether you’ve been recommended a two-piece or three-piece penile implant, the surgeon will carry out the relevant placements. For instance, the reservoir containing fluid and the pump with the release valve of a two-volume prosthesis goes inside the scrotum. And for the three-piece valve, where the pump and reservoir are separate components, the former is positioned inside the scrotum, and the latter is instilled below the wall of the lower abdomen.

After the surgery is through, the surgeon sterilizes the entire area and sutures the opening or openings. Depending upon the type of implant, the operation usually takes 30-50 minutes. The surgery is normally conducted as an outpatient mode.

Recovery after surgery

Following the completion of the surgery, your physician walks you through instructions and tips on taking care of the operated site as well as on the procedure of using the device. You’ll need to take painkillers and anodynes in the first couple of weeks for getting relief from pain as well as have to take antibiotics for lessening the chances of infection. Though it could take many weeks to recuperate fully, you may be able to resume your normal activities within a week or two.

Significantly enough, you could go back to enjoying sex with your partner 5-6 weeks after surgery.

Concluding remarks

Approximately, 90-95% of inflatable penile implant surgical procedures are effective in that they enable men to have erections robust enough for fulfilling intercourse. If you want to know more about penile implant surgery, call Dr. Larish today at 212-541-6239.


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