Penile Implant Technology in 2020

Men with erectile dysfunctions and other penile problems in the past did not have much hope for rectifying their problem. The technology was barely there, and the few remedial measures that were present at that time were hit or miss. Even to this day, despite the advancement of technology, progress has been slow. Sure, there are medications and implants that individuals can use to regain their erectile function, but a one size fits all solution remains to be seen.

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding this complicated matter, 2019 has shown more signs of progress than ever before, which suggest that, the upward progress will continue in 2020 as well.

Erectile Dysfunction

Injury or cancer can cause men to lose their erectile function. It is a life-changing event that traumatizes men for their whole life. Close to 40 percent men between the ages of 40 and 70 have erectile dysfunction in varying levels. One-third out of these men does not even respond to Viagra. Fortunately, due to ongoing studies and researches, scientists came up with a new technology that offers a reliable alternative to men in similar situations. Some scientists even claim that with this new technology’s help, men would be able to restore their erectile functions and feel as better as they felt before.

Common Penile Implant Technology

There are other options than Viagra and drugs similar to it for regaining penal functions. Inflatable implants are what most doctors commonly use for relieving their patient’s problems. Despite the inflatable implant’s effectiveness, several other factors make it a risky choice. The use of pump and the water reservoir in this procedure not only make this procedure undesirable but dangerous as well. The complications in surgery can cause the internal reservoir to leak water. It is awkward and painful for the patients, which is why most men these days do not opt for it and seek other alternatives.

Currently, a malleable implant is what most doctors are using. Its easy installation paired with its low price is reason enough for patients to choose it. Countries other than the United States have also adopted this method with decent results. This method, however, also has some drawbacks, the main of them being that the penis remains erect permanently. It can also change its shape during use. In addition, it could damage surrounding tissue by pressurizing the surrounding areas.

New Technology for Penile Implants

The new technology that is put to use these days consists of an alloy made from nickel-titanium known as Nitinol. Because of Nitinol’s superelastic properties, doctors also use it for endovascular surgeries. The new implant technology stands out because of its shape memory alloy. This alloy activates with heat. Because of its remembering ability, it can also come back to its original shape. The implant is flaccid on normal body temperature. However, it elongates and expands as soon as it heats up.

Currently, a remote control is under development. With its help, the Nitinol will heat and expand in girth and length.


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