What is Sex Like After Penile Implant Surgery?

Nearly 90%-95% of men with penile implants have gone on record by iterating that they’ve had erections stiff and strong enough for pleasurable intercourse. To put it more accurately, almost 80%-90% of men with erectile dysfunction who chose a penile implant procedure said that they enjoyed having sex with their partners. These men also reiterated that they were so satisfied with the implant surgery that they’d again opt for the procedure if required.

Sex life post penile implant surgery

There is overwhelming evidence (backed by surveys and research) to guarantee that a penile implant could rejuvenate the sex life of a man with ED. The implant will enable the individual to have a robust erection where his penis becomes sufficiently tumescent, eventually allowing him to indulge in extensive foreplay and coitus that fulfills both him and his partner. When you compress the pump, the fluid from the reservoir flows into the dual cylinders fitted inside the penis causing the tubes to swell up.

The inflated cylinders lead to the penis becoming thick and rigid and thereby erect. The implant gives you an erection which is almost akin to the tumescence that men without ED experience. However, one significant drawback of using penile prostheses is that the length of your penis when fully erect might be less than the extent or span that was achieved before the surgery.

Anyway, if you opt for a latter-day 3-piece penile prosthesis, you could look forward to having an erect penis that is not only hard and thick but noticeably long as well. Nevertheless, the implant does not affect the pleasure sensations you feel on your penis’s skin surface. Neither does the prosthesis hinders or obstructs your instinctive capability to attain an orgasm.

This is so because the nerves that send signals for stimulating an erection are distinct from the ones that trigger the orgasmic process. Nor does the implant get in the way of your accomplishing an ejaculation. You need to realize that erectile function is completely different from the physiological function or process that causes orgasms.

But your ability to have a natural erection is compromised for good after the prosthesis is installed. Simply put, you’ll inevitably have to pump the device whenever you wish to have an erection. That, in essence, implies you may never be able to engage in sexual activity if the prosthesis is extricated.

The problem of penile shortening following the insertion of the prosthesis

A penile implant surgery, like any other kind of surgical procedure, is not without its complications and side effects. Though over 90% of men have expressed that their conjugal life received a huge boost after the operation, they found to their dismay that their penis was not as long (when fully erect) as it used to be before the implant. Development of fibrous and scar tissues following the surgery leads to penis shrinkage that ultimately prevents the organ from reaching its full normal length during erection.

However, the latest 3-volume inflatable penile implant devices that come with lengthy cylinders could go a long way in solving the above issue.


The majority of men suffering from ED do not face any issues with orgasms or ejaculation. The insertion of a penile implant helps correct the problem of erectile dysfunction without negatively impacting orgasmic or ejaculatory functions. In case you are still thinking about the benefits, we recommend consulting one of our experts to get answers to all your queries.

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