Type of Penile Implants

What are the different type of penile implants? Medical professionals conduct a surgery in which they place an implant in the penis to help men with erectile dysfunction get an erection. Doctors will first prescribe other treatments such as medication for erectile dysfunction before recommending Penile implants.

You can find two major type of implants for your penis: inflatable, and semi-rigid. Both implants work differently and have different benefits and drawbacks.

To insert penile implants inside the penis, you need to undergo surgery. You need to know how this surgery works before making a final decision and choosing this procedure. Things that you should know include complications, possible risk, and follow-up care.

Type of Penile Implants

Benefits of Implants

Many men, who are keeping in mind the following benefits of implants, are choosing implants rather than medical treatments.

  • They have control over the duration of the erection and how much they can utilize it.
  • Their sex life has the ability to become very impulsive.
  • They experience a satisfied and rigid erection for sexual activities.
  • The erection will not be triggered with any device or encounter any barrier as the erection will be natural. This means there is a lack of paraphernalia.

Type of Penile Implants

You can select from various implants. Your preferences and needs will define which type of implant you should use. You and your doctors should consider various factors while defining the most suitable implant. These factors are:

  • Life expectancy.
  • Well-being and overall health.
  • If your penis is circumcised or not.
  • If you have any kidney transplant history.
  • Colostomy is present.
  • Any pelvic or abdominal surgical history.
  • Body type and size.
  • Size of the scrotum, glans, and penis.
  • Your age and your partner’s age.

Below you will find three common types of implants that you can choose from:

1.    Three-Piece Inflatable Pump

In this type of surgery, two cylinders are placed in your penis, a container that contains fluid in the abdomen, and in the scrotum, an inflatable pump. With the help of special tubing, all the above-mentioned components are joined together.

For erection, you need to squeeze the scrotum that includes the pump, which moves the fluid in the cylinder from the container. When you squeeze the release valve, the fluid will leave the cylinder and enter back in the container. When the fluid is back again, your penis will become flaccid.

The implant of a three-piece inflated pump works and appears the same as a natural erection. Even when the penis is flaccid, you will feel comfortable and natural.

Advantages Of Three-Piece Inflatable Pump:

You can enjoy a better sex life, and your partner will have no complaints either. You need to pump this implant whenever you want an erection. When you want your penis to shirk, you just press the release valve located above your pump.

  • A single larger pump will make it easy to pump up other than a two-piece pump.
  • Pain after the surgery as the penis has to adjust on a certain erection.
  • With this method, you will have the most erected and rigid from all the above method.
  • The flaccid position is very comfortable, as the implant will be very soft.
  • All the components will be hidden inside the body.
  • After the surgery, the penis will be flaccid, so you will not feel a lot of pain.

2.    Two-Piece Inflatable

The two-piece inflatable device is similar to a three-piece inflatable because both devices work using a similar process. But the fluid is stored inside the scrotum with the help of a pump, unlike a three-piece inflatable, which includes a separate container for storing fluid. This device is not rigid.

Advantages of Two-Piece Inflatable:

  • This method is easy for you, as well as your partner. You just have to pump it for erection.
  • This is the best option with restricted dexterity for men. If you are suffering from arthritis or having difficulty in using hands, you should consider this procedure. However, you will find this pump difficult to inflate and is very small.
  • The device will be concealed in your body. All the components will be inside.
  • The implant will be concealed completely in your body. Every part of this implant will be in your penis; however, some men are irritated with a permanent erection.

Type of Penile Implants 2

3.    Malleable Rods or Semi-Rigid

In this penile implant, a surgeon will implant two flexible rods into your penis. There won’t be any change in the stiffness or size of the implants and sustain the semi-rigid state. It is easy to set those implants in various positions. Normally, the implants are bending in a downward position; however, when you need to have sexual intercourse, you can change the position to upward. Although many men find this implant easy to use, some find that the constant rigid state is very uncomfortable.

Advantages of Malleable Rods or Semi-Rigid:

  • This is another easy implant for you and your partner to use. For erection, you simply need to bend the penis upward, and if you want the penis down, you need to bend the penis down.
  • If you have limited dexterity, then this implant is good for you. You should consider this treatment if you are using your hand with difficulty or are suffering from arthritis.
  • You may feel abnormal, or the appearance may not be as you want it to be.
  • These types of implants are less expensive penile implants. If you do not have insurance, then you should consider this implant.
  • The penile flesh will become thin and weak after a long time.
  • In the USA, only 20% of implants are performed.
  • The procedure of the surgery is very simple.
  • You will experience a lot of discomforts


You can achieve the best possible results if the particular penile device you selected is suitable for you. Our goal is to find the perfect blend of variables according to your satisfaction level. The decision is made going through patient history, available devices and attributes.

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