The Male Phallus & Confidence

When did confidence become associated to the male phallus? For the longest time, men have obsessed over their phallus size. Many people are of the misconception that if a man has a bigger phallus, he will be better at sex: he would be an alpha male that can satisfy a lover for longer durations. However, this is not true at all, various factors are attached to it, and the size of your phallus has nothing to do with it.

In this article, I will educate you on what a phallus is, the history of the phallus, and what these misconceptions have to do with toxic masculinity.

Phallus & Male Confidence

What is a Phallus?

Phallus refers to anything that resembles an erected penis. The word phallus comes from art history books. The art history referred to objects that resemble or the figures that mimic the look of the erect penis as ithyphallic.

In current times, the eggplant emoji is its biggest example. The vegetable does not look like a penis. However, it has become the representation of an erect penis.

The phallus is an alternate word for the penis. In the current world, people use referral words, emojis, and figures only because they do not want to say the word out loud.

Ancient Egypt and Phallus

In ancient Egypt, the phallus held great importance. Believers used to think of it as a symbol of fertility. Legend has it that in ancient Egypt, a God used to live amongst its people. However, the people cut the god into 14 pieces. The people scattered all his pieces in different areas of Egypt.

Later, his wife wandered the city and found all his pieces except for his penis. Legend says that a fish swallowed his penis. Therefore, God’s wife had to make a penis out of wood for the body.

Male Phallus Fallacy

Phallus fallacy is when a society starts relating the size of the phallus to worthiness and power. However, the size of the penis does not make your stronger or weaker, sexually or physically. It is a regular reproducing part of the body.

People’s obsession with a large phallus seems to be increasing. The main reason behind the obsession seems to be mainstream media. Now, if you watch television series, you will notice that a regular TV show has at least has one penis joke. The film, “This is the End,” had numerous penis jokes in it. The movie consistently hitting the charts is a sign of how people enjoy penis-centered comedy.

If you head over to Google right now and type in the keyword penis, you will 235,000,000 results. This large number is another sign that shows the obsession over male genitalia.

The porn industry plays a prominent role in this regard. In their content, they clearly show that a person with large genitals is more desirable, gets more attention, and is the strong alpha male. However, the reality is entirely different.

Media is setting a surreal body standard in people’s minds. Because numerous men think that having a bigger penis is a sign of strength, when they achieve it through surgery, they feel more confident and powerful.

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Confidence and the Male Phallus

Final Feedback

Having a nice sized phallus is great. However, not having one does not mean it’s the end of the world and worthy of lost confidence.

However, if you still face self-image issues because of the size of your phallus, I highly recommend that you schedule a confidential consultation with one of the specialists at Fifth Avenue Urology. They have the greatest facilities and even better doctors to treat all your urological problems.

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