Different penile implants: Benefits and Side-Effects

What are the different penile implants? Erectile dysfunction is a typical male sexual disorder or syndrome that affects almost 50% of men. Statistically speaking, out of every two males aged between 40 and 70, one is estimated to be plagued by ED. What is more intriguing is the fact that most men suffering from the condition are loathed to speak or discuss about the same. Prescription pills including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra that generally serve as the primary mode of treatment for ED help resolve the issue in 75%-80% of the cases.

For men whom the first line of treatment proves ineffective fall back on vacuum constriction devices or penile pumps. And for those whom both the first and second-line treatment plans do not work, penile implants are the last resort.

The two basic categories of penile implants

Types of penile implants referred to as penile prostheses are bespoke prosthetic devices which are implanted inside the patient’s external sexual organs (penis and scrotum) using a surgical process. The main function of this implant is to stimulate or trigger an erection in the affected male which otherwise should’ve happened as a matter of course. There are two distinct kinds of penile prosthesis where one type is distinguished from the other regarding design and structure.

Inflatable penile implants

An inflatable penile implant, as the terminology indicates, is a penile prosthetic device that needs to be inflated for taking advantage of it. An inflatable implant has three components-a set of two cylinders, a pump with a release valve, and a small tank or reservoir filled with saline fluid.  There are again two different types of inflatable implants-two-volume and three-volume.

In a two-piece penile prosthesis, the pump and reservoir comprise one section while the cylinders make up another. In a three-piece, the cylinders, pump, and reservoir are separate parts or components.

Pros of three-piece implants

  • You get an erection that is extremely rigid and firm; the erections you get are the most natural amongst all types of implants
  • The implant stays soft, flaccid, and inconspicuous when deflated


  • Greater manual dexterity is required for operating it compared to all other implant kinds
  • Surgery for this implant is also the most complex, so chances of complications are also the highest
  • Highly vulnerable to malfunctioning and leakage
  • The three-piece implant is the costliest amongst all implant kinds

Advantages of two-piece implants


  • Easily operable
  • Surgical process is simple; an abdominal incision is not necessary
  • Deflation makes the implant soft and drooping


  • Erections less firm in comparison to three-volume implants
  • It is also susceptible to leak or dysfunction, like three-piece prostheses
  • Mechanically and structurally it is more complex than semi-rigid implants

Non-inflatable or semi-rigid penile implants

A non-inflatable implant chiefly consists of two metallic rods or cylinders that are sheathed in a silicone base. The rods or tubes which are not inflatable are inserted in the penis. One simply has to lift the penis to use the implanted rods that are always in a semi-rigid state.


  • Can be conveniently used by individuals with manual dexterity issues
  • A lesser number of parts makes it less vulnerable to mechanical failure than inflatable implants
  • The surgery is also simpler compared to implantation of inflatable prostheses
  • Least costly


  • The rigidity of erection is less
  • Difficult to conceal even when it is beneath several layers of cloth
  • Always keeps the internal penis under pressure, so chances of injuries are high


If you need detailed information on penile implant types and the advantages and drawbacks of each, get in touch with the top penile implant surgeon Dr. Yaniv Larish at 212-541-6239.


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