Top Benefits of Penile Implants

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

To be diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a massive set back for many men and their partners. Naturally, men will do anything to receive treatment for ED. When men are first diagnosed with ED, physicians start off by prescribing the least invasive treatment. If the first treatment does not work or the patient cannot or will not tolerate the side effects, the physician prescribes a different treatment.

Pros of oral medications

The least invasive treatments prescribed is the use of oral medications. One of the most well-known of these medications is Viagra. Viagra works by enhancing nitric oxide. This naturally-occurring chemical relaxes the muscle tissue to allow increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. It is easy and convenient to use.

Cons of oral medications

However, there are drawbacks to using the oral medications. First, it takes at least 10-20 minutes for the drug to take effect entirely, and some men may find that the wait times do not allow for spontaneous sexual activity.  Another, more severe side effect is that Viagra can induce low blood pressure and is contraindicated for men who have heart disease or heart failure.

Penile Implant is superior to medications and pumps

The Penile Implant solves these problems. The prosthesis takes no time at all to use. When the patient is ready for sexual activity, he does not need to remember to take medication and wait 30 minutes for the medicine to take full effect. He and his partner can participate in sexual activity spontaneously. Since the implant works by providing physical support for the penis, this device is safe to be used by patients with heart disease and heart failure without risk of hypotension.

Indications for Penis Pump

However, if the patient is unwilling or unable to use oral medications, they can use a device called a penis pump. The pump induces an erection by creating a vacuum, pulling blood flow towards the penis which causes it to swell and become erect. The patient can then place a ring on the base of his penis to keep his erection for sexual activity. The problem with this approach is that the vacuum causes bruising to form on the penis. The ring placed on the base of the penis also hampers the force of the man’s ejaculation, since the ring constricts the ejaculatory pathway from the scrotum to the penis.

Penile Injections and Suppositories

Finally, there are penile injections and suppositories that are used to treat ED. These work by helping to increase blood flow to the penis, thereby inducing an erection. However, both treatments are cumbersome and are more painful to use as compared to the oral medications and the penile pump. Both methods work relatively quickly (about 5-20 minutes) but still require wait times before the patient can participate in sexual activity.

Penile Implant is superior to medications and pumps

On the other hand, there are no painful suppository insertions or injections needed when the man has a penile prosthesis. Although surgery is indicated to insert the device, it is a one-time intervention only. Recovery time is minimal, requiring only 4-6 weeks of healing time before the patient can participate in sexual activity again post-surgery. After the surgery, the patient can have a full erection and to have sexual intercourse whenever and wherever he and his partner desires.

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