What is sex like after penile implant surgery?

sex-after-penile-implant-surgery-info-nyc-specialists-01If you’re considering getting a penile implant, you may be asking yourself how sex after penile implant surgery will be. In this article we will cover the basic process and some general expectations.

A penile implant is a medical device that is surgically-inserted inside of a man’s penis to allow him to achieve an erection.  Typically, physicians recommend penile implants when all other treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) have failed.

After surgery, the patient will stay for a few hours in the recovery room to make sure that they are recovering well from surgery. While in the recovery room, the patient will be assessed often to make sure that they are “waking up” from the anesthesia. Afterwards, depending on how the patient is recovering, he may be sent home or he may be admitted for observation in the hospital.

After two weeks, the patient may return to their surgeon to have the stitches removed. At this time, the surgeon may also begin to instruct the patient how to properly use their newly implanted device. It usually takes about one week until the patient can return to work and 4-8 weeks until he can resume sexual activity. After the patient has fully recovered from surgery (4-8 weeks), the physician may ask the patient to inflate his implant daily.  This is done to make sure that the implant is working properly and to give the patient a chance to get used to the device. No inflation is needed to be done with the semi-rigid prosthesis. The implant typically lasts between 9-15 years.

Is the implant surgery detectable to others?

The surgical incision is about an inch long and is located underneath the scrotum, so there are no visible surgical scars on the penis. The small size of the incision also allows the patient to recover easier and faster from surgery.

Sexual performance with the penile implant

male-penile-implant-info-nyc-surgeons-02Patients report that there is no meaningful difference in sexual feeling after having the penile implant surgery. Ejaculation, penile sensation, and orgasm are not affected by the surgery. Patients also state that they did not notice a loss in the size and girth of their penis after the implant has achieved a full erection. However, shortening of the penis length due to ED that occurred before the surgery may not be reversible even after the implant has been placed. It is important to keep in mind that despite the use of the device, the head of the penis does not become stiff because it is not affected by the implant.

Sexual Satisfaction with penile implant

To be diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a massive setback for many men and their partners. Most men may even suffer from anxiety and depression. Naturally, men will do anything to receive treatment for ED. By choosing to receive penile implants, the patient and his partner are able to regain control over their sexual lives again.

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