Benefits of penile implants

Are you someone beset and overwhelmed with erectile dysfunction but simply recoil at the mere mention of the disorder? Have you thought about it but you’re not sure of the benefits of penile implants? You can take some solace from the fact almost all males suffering from ED would prefer to avoid discussing the condition whenever the subject is broached. Going by findings of studies and surveys on erectile dysfunction, approximately 52% of males aged between 40 and 70 are diagnosed with ED.

Though individuals with ED issues opt for first-line and second-line treatments, like medications and penile pumps, the corrective techniques prove ineffective for a significant proportion. For these males, choosing a penile implant surgery, is more often than not, is the best and only option for reclaiming their sex life.

Top reasons why men with ED should go for a penile prosthesis

Penile implants, since they first became commercially viable and available circa 1973, have come to the aid of an almost countless number of men who became affected with ED because of hypertension, diabetes, CAD, obesity, depression, and other medical conditions. However, the penile prostheses that were developed initially were not as effective as the present-day versions.

Technological progress made in the area of prosthetic surgery has facilitated the designing of topnotch semi-rigid, inflatable and non-inflatable penile prostheses which not only guarantee a better satisfaction rate but also long-term use. Experienced urologists and prosthetic experts can complete the surgery for a penile prosthesis within 45-50 minutes, and the risk of developing an infection following the operation is less than 5%.

Following are some top reasons why you should go for a penile prosthesis surgical procedure:

  • Firm and natural erections: You can expect to have a tumescent erection that’ll be as natural as those experienced by men without ED
  • Faster recovery time: Though the recovery time might vary from one individual to another (depending upon the type of implant or the patient’s health condition), the period is generally 4-6 weeks in most cases. Once you’ve fully recovered, not only will you be able to lead a normal lifestyle but also go back to making the most of your sex life.
  • The advanced surgical procedure makes the implant discreet: The penile implant will remain largely inconspicuous when your penis is in a downward position and not in an erectile state. Depending upon the effectiveness of the surgical procedure, your wife or partner will never be able to figure out that you have a prosthetic implant till you spill the beans.
  • Modern-day penile implants are usually insured: You do not need to worry about the cost implications of a two-piece or three-piece penile prostheses. Since your prosthetic expert will recommend an appropriate implant for you, you can take it for granted that it’ll be covered or backed by an insurance plan.
  • Very high satisfaction rates: Over 95% of men who opted for penile implants have reported that they were satisfied with their choice of device as the same enabled them to maintain an active conjugal life.

Major benefits of inflatable penile implants

  • Penis appears normal when flaccid
  • Increased circumference leading to improved firmness
  • Easy deflation using only one hand
  • Long-lasting
  • Lower risks of infection

Concluding remarks

The benefits of selecting a penile implant nowadays outweigh the drawbacks. If you wish to more about penile prostheses and their inherent benefits, you can send us an email or make a call to our surgeon.



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