Are you Considering a Penile Implant?

Are you considering a penile implant? Women experience stronger sexual urges than men do. They desire a partner who is good at sex but also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to size. But because of genetics, not all men are born with the length and girth that women desire.  In that case, cosmetic urologists can help.

Recent statistics show that, in America alone, around 30 million men deal with erectile dysfunction. It’s difficult to believe that so many men have the condition. This is because of the sensitivity of the topic, which prevents men from coming forward.

Currently, the market offers multiple to address erectile dysfunction. A penile implant is a long-term but fast solution to fix your issue. It involves a simple process, which does not take a lot of time to heal.

Keep in mind that a penile implant is not a solution you should invest in as soon as you get to know about your condition. In most cases, it should be a last resort, and it is better to keep it that way. Since there are multiple non-invasive treatments available on the market right now, it is best to try those first before resorting to penile implants.

In this article, we’ll go over penile implants. That means answering questions about it, the processes involved, how it can help, when you should get it, and things to need to consider before getting the penile implant surgery.

Are you Considering a Penile Implant?

What is Penile Implant?

A penile implant is a device that your urologist places inside your erection to help you with your erectile dysfunction.

Currently, there are two kinds of penile implants available on the market. The first is inflatable, and the other is semirigid. Both the implants are entirely different from another. They work in different ways and involve different risks, follow-up sessions, and complications.

The Process of Getting a Penile Implant

A penile implant is an invasive surgery. Therefore, you need to select the right doctor and facility to get the surgery. For that, I highly recommend that your check Fifth Avenue Urology Center.

Before opting for the procedure, your urologist will render you unconscious so that you do not feel any discomfort. They will use general anesthesia for this. However, many hospitals use spinal anesthesia to block the pain only from your lower body. On the other hand, the doctor also gives you IV antibiotics, so that you do not catch infections.

The Implant Surgery

Right before the surgery, your urologist will shave all the hair in the area. Then, they will make an incision right below the head of the penis, at the base of your penis, or in your lower abdomen.

After making the incision, your urologist will stretch the tissue of the penis. The tissue usually fills with blood while having an erection. Later, they will insert the custom implant inside the scrotum.

It is a three-piece device, so your doctor will implant a fluid reservoir below your abdominal walls. They will do so with an internal incision. In the end, the surgeon will seal the incision with stitches.

The entire surgery will only take between 45 minutes and an hour, after which you will be good to go.

Things you Need to Consider before Getting the Surgery

A penile implant is an invasive procedure. Therefore, you need to consider various things begetting the surgery. After the surgery, the urologist will prescribe some medication you will need to take regularly. These will help you with pain. They might give you a weeklong antibiotics course, which will help you avoid infections.

You will need to avoid the downward curvature of the penis during its healing process. You will need to restrain from sexual and physical activities for over six weeks. When the stitches heal, you will need to come back to the doctor to remove your stitches.

Your urologist will also recommend that you opt for the inflatable option. It would help if you learned how to inflate and deflate the implant. You will need to practice it by stretching it and moving it around in the cylinders.

Fifth Avenue Urology

Fifth Avenue Urology is the right place to get your procedure. Currently, they have New York’s most talented urologists and surgeons. The state of the art facility provides top-level services and care.

Considering getting a Penile Implant?

Final Feedback

Penile implants are becoming very common now. In the past, men rarely admitted to dealing with erectile dysfunction. Now, men are getting more comfortable with their condition and treating it in a more timely fashion.

If you are looking for a surgeon in New York to help you with it, I highly suggest that you consult the urologists at Fifth Avenue Urology. They have the most talented staff, state-of-the-art facility, and a pleasant environment to make you feel comfortable.

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