Top Penile Implant Surgeon Discusses Erectile Dysfunction

4 Signs That You May be Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

While over 40% of men will have to deal with erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, a lot is still unknown about the condition. While in some cases erectile dysfunction is only occasional, in others, ED can be linked to something more severe and will require some treatment. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may be dealing with an erectile dysfunction problem.

You Cannot Have Sex with a Partner

erectile-dysfunction-specialist-no-sex-partner-nyc-01Some men will report that they have no problem getting an erection when they’re alone but will be unable to achieve one when having sex with their partner. Or in some cases, they’ll be able to get an erection, but it won’t be firm enough for intercourse. That’s a clear sign of erectile dysfunction and might be related to stress or other psychological issues. If you fail to get an erection with your partner over 50% of the time, then it’s definitely a sign that you may have a problem.

Night Time Erection


Another sign that you may be dealing with psychologically related ED is if you’re experiencing lots of erections during your sleep but not with your partner. If you want to test if that’s the case, one easy way to do so is by using what is called the “postage stamp test”. All you have to do is take a ring of stamps and attach it to the base of your penis before going to sleep. If the roll is broken when you wake up in the morning, this might be a sign of nocturnal activity.

Poor Oral Health

A lot of people are unaware of the impact poor dental hygiene can have on the whole body, including erections. A Taiwanese study recently found that men who were suffering from chronic periodontal disease were also 79% more likely to show signs of erectile dysfunction. Researchers suggested that it may be because bad oral hygiene increased the number of bacteria in the mouth which then enters the bloodstream, hindering blood flow and erections.

Dependence on Viagra

viagra-dependance-ed-doctor-urologist-03While Viagra was originally intended for people suffering from erectile dysfunction only, a lot of people started abusing the drug to enhance their sexual performance. The problem is that abuse of Viagra by healthy people can eventually lead to dependence and erectile difficulties. It can also increase the risk of developing mentally related erectile dysfunction.

If you happen to exhibit any of these symptoms, then it is strongly recommended that you seek professional assistance immediately. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction and are looking for help, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best penile implant doctor in NYC.

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