Inflatable Penile Implant

At Dr. Larish’s office in NYC, we successfully treat many patients with erectile dysfunction. One option for treatment, after other options have failed, is implantation of a penile prosthetic device. There are several different penile prosthetic devices available for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction. We have experienced great results with the penile implants from American Medical Systems, one of the leading providers of penile implants in the world.The inflatable penile implants consist of a 3 piece inflatable device. It consists of an inner layer of silicone, a woven layer in the middle that controls expansion of the implant, and an outer silicone layer. The pumps that are available come in three different types, including a standard pump, the Tactile Pump, and the Momentary Squeeze. The pump is often pre-connected to the implant prosthesis, but can be ordered separately for connection.

An inflatable penile implant is easy to use. You pump it for an erection and then release a valve to deflate the implant after intercourse. An inflatable implant is most comfortable and similar to the flaccid penis when not in use. The device is totally concealed within your body, and your penis will appear normal. Your partner may not be aware that you have an implant. Dr. Larish, one of NY’s top urologists, will work together with you to educate you on all options available within the inflatable penile implant family.

Dr. Larish chooses inflatable penile implants above other brands, because of the clinical success he has observed in many patients with erectile difficulties. Large studies of patients with inflatable penile implants have shown that 92% of the implants remain functional after 3 years, and 88% of all patients would recommend the procedure to someone else. In fact, a large study found that 86% of patients treated for erectile dysfunction with an inflatable penile implant would undergo the same procedure again, if necessary. Partner satisfaction rates were 96% with inflatable Penile Implants.

At Dr. Larish’s office in NYC, we have found that many of our patients achieve lasting satisfaction with their inflatable Penile Implant. Dr. Larish can help you determine which of the inflatable Penile Implant systems is best suited to your lifestyle. We maintain a large inventory and will assist you with the selection after determining your overall penile size, any prior history of implantation or abdominal surgery, your body type, circumcision status, and other anatomic considerations.

Consultation with an experienced top NYC urologist like Dr. Larish can be the difference between success and failure. Sexual dysfunction can cause difficulties in many areas of your life. Why wait? If you’ve tried all medical remedies for erectile dysfunction without success, don’t give up hope. We’ve had many satisfied patients who had tried other treatments without results.

Call top NYC urologist Dr. Larish today at 212-541-6239 for your initial consultation, and begin your journey back to enjoyable sexual intercourse.

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