How Can Penile Implant Surgery Help ED?

penile implantErectile dysfunction, commonly called ED, occurs for many reasons. It can be due to a change in the structure of the penis. It can occur due to hormone changes, heart health, cholesterol levels, and even injury. This term describes virtually any situation in which the penis is unable to function in a “normal” or healthy function. If your doctor says you are fit enough for sex, he or she may recommend a variety of treatment options for overcoming ED. This often includes medications and lifestyle changes. However, when these do not work, your doctor may recommend penile implants.

What Is a Penile Implant?

Just as it sounds, these are devices inserted into the penis through a small incision. The device is either rigid all of the time or it can be inflated when you decide you want to engage in sexual relations. These devices allow for your penis to become flaccid again. Some remain in this position all of the time while others can be inflated to an erect state when you desire.

Penile implants in effect solve the problem that is brought on by ED. While they are not a solution to the underlying problem you have that is causing the ED, they can provide men with the ability to engage in sexual activity again. That in itself can be one of the most important benefits of these devices. The device is inserted into the penis using a minimally invasive procedure. It does remain there permanently as well. In effect, penile implants can cure ED symptoms, giving men some of the freedom they desire back. Some are so realistic and easy to use that others do not need to know about the procedure or implant unless you inform them.

penile implantFor men struggling with ED, the first step is to speak to an urologist about it. Find out what is the underlying cause of the ED and then take steps to correct those problems. It’s important for your doctor to determine the underlying cause to find out if there is a more direct solution available to you. For men that do not gain benefits from medications, penile implants can be very helpful in restoring the ability to have sexual function again.


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