How Does a Penile Implant Work?

A penile implant is a device inserted into a man’s scrotal region that extends the penis to an erect state. This is often done through an internal device that inflates the device, creating a natural looking and feeling erect penis. There are several types of implants available and each is a bit different in how they work. However, most work very simply and can provide men with the improved ability to perform sexually.

Prosthesis Pumps

The most common option in penile implants is the insertion of a prosthesis pump into the scrotal region. The pump works along with the implant itself to inflate and deflate to meet a man’s needs as he is aroused. To work, these pumps need to be triggered. This occurs rather quickly when the pump is squeezed. The user squeezes the pump between his thumb and index finger and the pump begins to work. It works to inflate the penis moderately slowly until it is at the full level of extension. It also deflates in the same manner after the man presses the pump again.

When a penile implant is inserted into the scrotum, it becomes hard to see or notice unless the user is looking for it. You control the duration of the erection. The pump continues to maintain the erection until you decide to release it. A key benefit of this is that the erection is not dependent on orgasms. If a man orgasms too soon, the penis remains erect and he may maintain it as long as he likes afterward.

Overall, the look and feel of the penis remains mostly normal. Depending on the procedure itself, most of these implants are inserted using a minimally invasive procedure. The pump is hidden in the folds of the scrotum, and remains hard to see. When and if the patient has this procedure, the benefits are numerous. Because it can be deflated, a man does not have to feel a hard implant, like non-inflatable implants, throughout his day. This ensures he can engage in normal activities ranging from biking to wrestling without worry about the awkward hard implant.

It is important to discuss the actual procedure with your doctor before you complete it since each doctor and each type of penile implant is somewhat different. There are many reasons to have these inserted, but until you meet with your top-rated urologist in Manhattan, New York, you won’t know just how well these products can work for you.

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