What Factors Play a Role in Which Type of Penile Implant to Choose?

penile implantWhen it comes to choosing the right penile implant for your needs, you’ll likely want to work closely with your doctor to learn which options are best for you. There are a variety of products available. They differ in the way they work as well as in the way they are placed. Depending on your underlying areas of concern and your goals, you may want to consider a variety of options to find the solution that is going to give you the best possible outcome.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Penile Implants?

Ultimately, your doctor wants to help you to choose the best penile implants based on the outcome you hope to achieve. Your satisfaction is important. However, there are limitations and various factors to consider. When choosing them, you and your doctor should discuss a number of different topics including:

  • The overall size of the penile implant
  • Your age and the age of your partner
  • The size of the scrotum as well as the ratio between the penile length and the scrotum size
  • Any previous abdominal surgeries you’ve had such as prostate, bladder or deformities
  • Any previous colon surgeries you’ve had
  • The type of surgery you desire including open or laparoscopy and your history with these surgery types
  • Any area of concern within the pelvis including kidneys
  • The history of implant use
  • Whether or not the penis is circumcised
  • Your body type
  • Your overall health
  • Any presence of penile curvature or fibrosis

With this information, you and your doctor can determine what the best type of outcome is for you and which type of penile implant is going to help you to achieve that goal. In many situations, patients will have more than one option. This is when you’ll want to discuss specific areas of concern such as how the penile implant works and what type of use and satisfaction you can get from it.

penile implantThe best step in getting through this concern and getting the outcome you want is to schedule a consultation with a urologist specializing in penile implants. Our New York City urologist can help you to make decisions that will give you the best short term and long term outcome while also helping you to know what each of your options really are. Making the right decision means gathering as much information as possible.

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