Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction

A penile prosthesis, also known as a penile implant, is a type of treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The device itself is malleable in some cases and inflatable in others. The most basic form involves the insertion of malleable rods placed into the erection chamber. Newer solutions, though, provide for the user to inflate them using a surgically placed pump. If you believe these can work well for your needs, it’s important to turn to an experienced urologist.

What Options Are There?

penile implant
The malleable form of a penile implant is an ideal investment for those men who have limited hand strength or those who have spinal cord injuries

because they take little manual movement to function. Other products, including those that use inflatable designs using hydraulic fluid, are more natural feeling. These allow the man to have an erection when they want to do so. They also tend to be easier to hide and have a more natural feel to them.

Who Needs a Penile Implant?

Doctors will first take into consideration what caused your erectile dysfunction. Generally, men that qualify for penile implants often a specifically understood cause for the erectile dysfunction and:

It is unlikely to be resolved naturally

It’s unlikely to improve naturally

It requires other medical treatments

There is a need to reconstruction the penis due to scarring from conditions such as Peyronie’s disease

Though these penile implants do not resolve the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction, they do allow men to get back to being sexually active because they are able to obtain and maintain an erection. This is important for overall sexual function and mental health.

How Does It Happen?

penile implantPenile implants are inserted surgically during an outpatient procedure in most cases. This is generally a minimally invasive procedure. It can take several weeks to heal from, though. The procedure itself takes about an hour to complete. It is often done in an outpatient facility. Once complete, men are able to resume sexual intercourse within six weeks of having the surgery.


For men struggling with erectile dysfunction, penile implants can be life changing. If you feel you could benefit from these solutions, it is best to talk to your urologist about them. Our experienced team of Manhattan, New York urologists can help you learn more about penile implants for erectile dysfunction during a consultation.

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