What Are the Disadvantages of a Non-Inflatable Penile Implant?

penile implantNon-inflatable penile implants provide men with an opportunity to regain some of their sexual function. For many men, it is an excellent choice. When you come in to see your NYC urologist to discuss the options available to you in penile implants, one of the options he or she may suggest to you is the non-inflatable penile implant. As the name suggests, this type of implant is rigid and does not inflate or deflate for you. Though there are benefits to it including its overall ease of use, it can offer some disadvantages to individuals. It is important to discuss these at length with your doctor before making any decision.

Why Are So Many Men Not Choosing Non-Inflatable Penile Implants?

Non-inflatable penile implants are only used in about 20 percent of all men having this type of procedure. As noted, it does offer benefits, but the drawbacks can be significant as well. The disadvantages you may experience include:

  • Limited comfort. Since the penile implant is always present, this can be bothersome for many men. It is like having a permanent erection. Consider the impact of walking around like this.
  • You may also find that some surgeons recommend it because it is the easiest option. While it is an easy surgery for the surgeon to perform, this does not afford you, as the patient with any benefit. The risks remain the same. Instead, turn to a specialized surgeon to discuss all of your options in penile implants.
  • Many men feel the non-inflatable penile implant is not normal in the way it looks or feels. This can limit the overall satisfaction you have with the product.
  • Over time, it can cause changes to the flesh over your penis. This includes overall deterioration of the flesh and thinning of it.
  • It also is the most uncomfortable and difficult procedure to overcome. Because your penis must adjust to the constant erection, this can create a great deal of post-operative discomfort and pain for many men.

penile implantFor men who want an easy way to be ready for sexual interaction and who may have limited dexterity, the non-inflatable penile implant is a good option. It is also the least expensive of most products. However, before you make a decision about this product, come in to see our penile implant specialist in New York City to find out if it is the right option for your specific needs.

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