Practical Ways to Address Erectile Dysfunction

penile implantNo man should feel embarrassed about addressing this condition, especially since it is estimated that millions of older guys are dealing with it. If you choose not to address it you will most certainly have to suffer from the symptoms and your ED will not get any better. Your doctor might recommend that you get a penile implant or simply start you on a course of medication that will help you to function more normally. These are some ways that you can address erectile dysfunction and see excellent results quickly.

Visit Your Primary Care Physician

If you notice that it has become difficult to achieve and or sustain an erection multiple times over the last few months or years, visiting with your

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doctor is suggested. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is caused by stress. So, whether you’re having relationship issues or you’ve been under lots of pressure at work, your erectile dysfunction might clear up as soon as your stress levels lessen. Another cause is medically induced erectile dysfunction that tends to develop as men grow older and their bodies change. Your primary care doctor will have you take a few tests to determine what your erectile dysfunction is being caused by.

Meet with a Urologist

While a primary care physician can usually diagnose a patient with ED after the correct tests are run, the treatment options they might be able to suggest may not be all-encompassing. Get a referral to a urologist who treats erectile dysfunction. It is likely that your urologist will want to monitor your condition to see which solutions have the most effect and the least negative impact on your everyday life. Sometimes, prescription medications can alleviate erectile dysfunction completely, and in other instances, weight loss and quitting smoking are also very effective.

Consider Medications and Surgical Solutions

Those who have been trying various treatments for erectile dysfunction for months and see no changes may need to consider either surgery or a combination of drug therapies. Penile implantation almost always cures erectile dysfunction, as it allows patients better control over their erections. You’ll need to find a surgeon who can perform this procedure competently but check your insurance policy to see if the surgery is covered.penile implant

Most of the time, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction don’t go away on their own. Don’t wait to talk to your doctor about what you are going through so that the right medical action can be taken.

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