Preparing for Penile Implant Surgery

You’ve decided to have penile implant surgery. It is a big step and one that may have you wondering if you’ve made the right decision. No matter what has led you to this point, there are a few key things you should do now to ensure your procedure goes the way you want it to go. If you are working with a top-rated urologist, like ours in Manhattan, New York, you’ll reduce many of your worries and improve your outcome.

Talk to Your Doctor About Options

The first big step to take is a simple one. Talk to your doctor about your options in the various types of penile implants. It’s a good idea to consider the value and the drawbacks of each of the various inflatable and non-inflatable devices. You’ll want to talk about expectations, too, including what the experience of using your penis will be, what it will feel like, what size it will be, and how normal it will look.penile implant surgery

Talk About the Procedure

Each doctor’s procedures are a bit different. Before going in on the day of the procedure, you should know what to expect including how long it will take, what type of anesthesia will be used, and who will be performing the procedure itself. You’ll want to know where to go, when to do so and when you’ll get to go home.

Tips for Penile Implant Surgery Day

Consider a few helpful tips for ensuring your surgery day is a success.

Be ready to take some time off work and other activities you participate in. Most people will need to be off work for about a week, with activity levels improving around day three.

You’ll need help throughout the day. Make sure you have someone by your side throughout the day of the procedure and the following days after it.

Fill any prescription medications your doctor gives you beforehand. This will help to fight off infection while also giving you the ability to have pain meds on hand in case you need them.

Plan a few days in the house and in bed after your procedure.

Schedule a follow up with your doctor about two weeks after the procedure.

Most importantly, talk to your doctor before your penile implant surgery occurs. Make sure all of your questions and concerns are taken care of before the big day.


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