Recovery Advice for Penile Implant Patients

There are certain tips that you will want to follow when it comes to your initial recovery after penile implant surgery. These tips can help you to heal up faster so that you can start enjoying a healthy sex life. A lot of people tend to make some serious mistakes during their recovery, and they all regret it later on. This article will list a few simple, but effective ways to recover from this procedure quickly.

Take it Easy

penile implantOne of the best things that you can do for at least three weeks after you undergo penile implant surgery is to just take it easy. This means avoiding any heavy lifting and significant physical strain. The more stress you put on your body, the more likely you will be to set back your recovery. Don’t start hitting the gym a week after you get out of the hospital, because there is a good chance that you will get injured.

Take the Medications You Are Prescribed

penile implantThere are typically a number of medications that doctors prescribe to patients who get penile implant surgery, and it’s crucial that you take them. At least one of these medications will be to prevent infection, so you will want to take every single pill until they are all gone. There is also going to be a pain medication that you can take as needed.

Ask Your Doctor if You Have Any Questions or Concerns

You should make a point of asking your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about anything related to the procedure. If you are experiencing any adverse side-effects from the medications you have been prescribed, stop taking them immediately and make an appointment to see your physician as soon as possible. Your recovery will go much smoother if you do this.


penile implantWhen it comes to taking a bath or a shower, you will need to wait at least two days after the procedure. It’s perfectly okay to let the water run over your penis, but you shouldn’t attempt to clean it manually with a bar of soap or anything else. Gently dry the incision area with a towel, making sure not to cause any irritation.

Sexual Activity

While you may be eager to become sexually active again after your procedure, it’s important that you avoid having sex for at least a month. After this recovery period, you will be able to start engaging in intercourse again. Those who try to have sex too soon after their surgery could end up reversing their progress entirely. Avoiding sex for the first month is an important part of allowing your body to heal.

Recovering from penile implant surgery can take a while, so you will need to be patient. The more tips you follow when going through this recovery period, the more likely your body will be to heal itself sooner rather than later. Anyone who is interested in getting this procedure will need to follow these tips closely.

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