After Penile Implant Surgery

Life after Penile Implant Surgery

Men from all walks of life have undergone penile implant surgery. From motorcyclists to rock climbers, penile implant surgery has not kept them from pursuing their hobby, sports or other physical activities. And contrary to what some believe, the penile implant does not set off security alarms at airports or metal detectors. After penile implant surgery patients, once healed, proceed with a normal active lifestyle.

Will Penile Implant Surgery Affect Your Sex Like?

When the penis is inflated with the pump, the prosthesis makes the penis hard, much like a natural erection. A penile prosthesis does not change sensation on the skin of the penis, a man’s ability to reach orgasm and ejaculation is not affected. Once a penile prosthesis is implanted, it may interfere with the natural erection reflex. This may cause a loss of that “blood rushing to the penis” effect. While the penile implant allows a man to have a penetrating penis, it does not cause swelling of the head (glans) of the penis.

Concerns after Penile Implant Surgery

Understandably patients have concerns about penile prosthesis and how it will affect them. Most patients have questions about:

Loss of penile length.

– In actuality, the perceived loss of penile length is not caused by the placement of the penile implant. On the contrary, placement of the implant stops the atrophy process and with proper rehabilitation can allow the patient regaining some of the loss in his penis.

The pump is too difficult to work.

– With a little practice, most patients are able to work the pump with no problem. Patients typically use both thumbs to inflate in order to maximize the erection rigidity.

The head of the penis does not get hard.

– It’s important to understand that penile implant surgery only creates an erection in the body of the penis, but the implant does not cause swelling of the glans of the penis. Patients are prescribed Viagra-like medications or urethral creams to help with this issue.

The implant in the deflated position makes penis look unnatural.

– The penis does look different when deflated, but with a couple of small pumps patients can obtain a suitable appearance.

Tubing can be seen.

– Penile implant surgery does everything to conceal tubing but some anatomy requires cylinders where small amounts of tubing may be seen under the skin.

How Effective Are the Penile Implants?

Satisfaction rates for patients with penile prosthesis are very high. About 90%-95% of inflatable prosthesis implants produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse. Given the choice to do so, most men say they would choose the penile prosthesis surgery again.

Making the decision to get penile implant surgery is an important decision that requires a medical consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with the best Penile Implant Surgery doctor in NYC.

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