Is Ejaculation Normal After a Penile Implant?

penile implantYou’re struggling with the inability to have a normal erection and you are worried about what this means for your future sex life. Many men experience this type of erectile dysfunction as they get older. There are many reasons it can occur. However, medications and surgical procedures may be able to help you through it. One of the ways you can restore some or all of your sexual function is through the use of a penile implant. This procedure is becoming more popular than ever because it creates a highly effective outcome for most men. But, is everything normal after this procedure?

What You Can Expect

penile implantMany men want to know if they have a penile implant if they will still have normal ejaculation during sex. Generally, there is no impact on the function of the penis and sexual organs during sex as a result of the penile implant. In fact, you can still have an erection, an orgasm as well as ejaculation as you normally do. These are independent functions and they are not likely to be impacted through this implant.

If you are unable to ejaculate as a result of vascular causes, you may still have a soft penis and still ejaculate. You may still have an orgasm as well. For men with a penile implant, then, there is no limitations on your ability to perform in this way. Keep in mind that there are limitations. For example, if you were unable to ejaculate prior to the procedure to add the implant, the implant itself will not change that.

penile implantIt’s important to discuss your specific needs with your doctor before you have implant surgery. Ejaculation is one of the most normal types of sexual intercourse and of course you’ll want to ensure that you can enjoy these activities like you used to or even better. However, it is important for you to have realistic expectations before having the procedure.

When you come in to discuss your ability to have penile implants with our urologist in New York City, you’ll learn what the outcome for you can be. This is a good time to discuss your ability or inability to ejaculate with your doctor. This way, he or she can tell you if you’ll see an improved outcome after having penile implant surgery. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.


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