Can a Penile Implant Fail?

penile implant surgeryPenile Implant

Penile implants are one of the most invasive types of treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, many men find them to be the most reliable solution to these problems. They are safe procedures, in most cases, and they can provide long term benefits for many people. For those who want to have a more normal sexual life, but cannot do so otherwise, penile implants are often a solution. Yet, there are numerous circumstances in which they can fail. And, there are risks to this type of failure.

Why Do They Fail?

penile implant surgeryMost of the time, penile implants are inserted through a small incision. This is done in the most minimally invasive way possible. It helps to reduce the risk of infection and larger risk factors during surgery while also speeding up the healing process. However, there are instances in which there are failures or malfunctions associated with these procedures. Infected or malfunctioning penile implants are more common in men who have minimally invasive procedures, also called no-touch procedures.

What Can Be Done?

penile implant surgeryLike any type of mechanical implement, penile implants can fail. This is not common in most cases. The skill of the surgeon as well as the type and quality of the product itself can reduce this risk. In addition to this, many men will see improvements in use and overall reliability if they select the right type of penile implant for their specific needs.

When they do fail, there are options available. Your doctor will be able to access the penile implant to make changes or even to replace the device if it is necessary to do so. In addition to this, it is possible to have the device removed. This may be necessary if you do not like the outcome or it does not seem to meet your specific needs. There are various procedures and techniques that can minimize this risk, though.

The best way to avoid having to worry about a failed penile implant is to turn to a specialist who uses the most up to date technology and tools. You’ll also want to work with someone that has ample experience in this area. When you come in to see our specialist in penile implants in New York City, you’ll learn more about what you can expect as well as what can happen if your device does fail. We’ll help you to avoid that.

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