Are There Side Effects to Penile Implants?

Many men find themselves unable to create the erection they used to have. Over time, many factors can lead to this. In some cases, the investment in a penile implant can be the ideal way to overcome this limitation. Not every man is a candidate for the procedure, but many are. And, if you are, you’ll want to sit down and talk to a New York City urologist that specializes in the treatment. Do not use just any provider. And, one of the key topics to discuss are the complications, risk factors, and potential side effects you may experience as a part of this surgery.

What Are the Risks of Penile Implants?

penile implantThe good news is that most penile implant surgeries are safe. They are often done only after extensive testing to ensure you are healthy enough for the procedure itself. And, most men will find that the procedure is one that is done in a control situation where ample emergency help is available if it is needed. For some men, there are some risks associated with this surgery. Those include:


penile implant

This is the most common risk and it is associated with any type of surgery a person has. If you have a spinal cord injury of any type or you have diabetes, the risk of infection is higher. Men that have to have a secondary procedure to adjust or replace their implant are also at a higher risk of developing infections.

Internal erosion or adhesion

In some cases, there are concerns related to the skin inside the penis. It is possible that this skin can stick to the implant itself. In other cases, it can wear away and become very thin. It is not common, but it is possible that the implant can break through the skin.

Implant problems

penile implantIt is possible that the implant will not work, though today’s products are very reliable. This may require a secondary surgery to replace or repair the device.

In many individuals, penile surgery is not as difficult or worrisome. The only way to know what specific risks you face is to discuss your options with your doctor at length. When you come in to see our penile implant surgical specialist, we’ll talk to you about your options and discuss which type of surgery is best for you. We’ll also talk about any risks or side effects you may have.

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