Will Penile Implant Surgery Be Covered Under Insurance?

Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction. This is considered a health factor for many men and as a result, your insurance company may recognize that there is a health risk to you. Every health insurance plan is different in terms of what it will cover and what it will not. Before you have this procedure, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about your options and to check with your insurance provider to learn more about the type and amount of coverage you have available to you. This is the only way to know for sure what options are available to meet your needs.

Does Insurance Help?

health insuranceMost of the time, health insurance will view penile implant surgery as a necessary cost. This depends on why you are obtaining it, though. If you hope to simply have the procedure and you do not have any documented treatment for erectile dysfunction otherwise, then the health insurance company is unlikely to cover your procedure. In some cases, you may have to have tried to treat the ED through other means, such as with medications if you are healthy enough for them. In addition to this, it is a good idea for you to discuss other treatment options that may be right for your needs.

Cost of Penile Implant Surgery

penile implantThe cost of penile implant surgery will range, as will the amount of coverage you will have for it. In most cases, penile implants are considered an effective and acceptable type of treatment for erectile dysfunction and therefore covered at least partially under the terms of your health insurance plan. In addition to this, Medicare will cover the surgery in most cases. Medicaid, on the other hand, does not. Again, you’ll need to check with your insurer to learn what stipulations may be present. You may need to use a specialist. You may need to be physically healthy enough for the procedure.


penile implantFor most men, the first step is to work with a local New York City urologist who specializes in penile implants. Our team can help you to determine if our doctor is a part of your health insurance coverage as well as if your procedure may be covered. You’ll need to know what type of penile implant is right for your needs as well. Some health insurance plans may limit your options in this way.



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