What Are the Risks of Penile Implant Procedures?

Penile implant surgery is one of the most common types of long term solutions for men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, unlike medications, this is an invasive procedure. It involves surgery, though some methods use a minimally invasive approach. Because there are risks with any type of surgery, men who are considering having this type of procedure should pay close attention to any of the risks involved with it – including any type of risk your penile implant doctor tells you about as you prepare for the procedure.

What Are The Risks?

penile implantThe most common risks associated with penile implant surgery have to do with the surgery itself. Before the procedure, your doctor will discuss with you all the various health risks you have. He or she will also talk to you about any of the factors that can increase your risk of complications, such as having high blood pressure, a history of stroke, or a history of heart disease. Most often, you will not be cleared for the procedure without a physical or clearance from your doctor.

penile implantThe risks exist even in healthy people, though. The most common risk is infection. Infection at the incision site is the most common concern. If you’ve had previous implant placement and are having a revision, you are more likely to develop an infection. If you have diabetes or other types of health risks you are also at a higher risk.

In some cases, men will also face other types of risks during and after the procedure. The implant can fail, for example. This may require the use of a secondary procedure to reduce health risks. In some cases, there is the risk of skin within the penis adhering to the implant. And, there is the risk that the skin can wear down and become thin. These are rare.

What Can You Do?

penile implantThere are several things you can do to reduce these risks. First, be sure to tell your doctor about any health complications you have. Be sure to follow all steps and procedures as required after your procedure. And, turn to a specialist for your procedure. When you come in to see our urologist that specializes in penile implants in New York City, you’ll gain the confidence in knowing that you are working with a professional who can help you have the best results possible.


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