Types of Penile Prostheses

Types of Penile Prostheses

Are you wondering if a penile prosthesis is right for you? Many men experience the desire or need for these devices but feel embarrassed to talk about them. The good news is that there are now more options available than ever and men of all ages can talk to their urologist about these treatment options openly. Take into consideration the most common types of penile prostheses and how each one may work to meet your specific needs.

Non-inflatable Penile Implant

One of the most common types of penile prosthesis is the non-inflatable penile implant. It offers a number of benefits including being easy to use. It’s also an ideal option for men who have limited dexterity such as due to arthritis. The device is completely concealed within the body making it less obvious. It also offers the easiest of surgical procedures for those who do not want a more invasive procedure. It can create some level of discomfort because there’s an always-present erection.

Two-piece Inflatable Penile Implant

This option is also easy to use, but the two-piece inflatable penile implant does not provide a constant erection like the non-inflatable version. It uses a small amount of fluid that is transferred into the cylinders when you want an erection. It is also completely concealed in the body and it is the easiest of the surgical procedures for inflatable products. Some men do experience thinning of the flesh over the penis over the long term.

Three-piece Inflatable Penile Implant

A third option, which remains fairly easy to use, is the three-piece inflatable penile implant. It has a larger sized, soft pump that allows it to inflate easily. However, it uses a larger amount of fluid during the process and this does create more of a rigid penis. It also gives you a very normal look and feel when it is flaccid, with many people stating they do not see much of a noticeable look. It is also concealed within the body, but does require more surgery than other options.

Which of these types of penile prosthesis are right for you? This depends on your specific needs, what your goals are, and what you decide is the best option for your needs. Talk to the best urologist that specializes in penile prosthesis in Manhattan, New York to learn more about your options. Our team can help you to determine which option may be the right choice overall.

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