Penile Length After Penile Implant Surgery

Penile Length After Penile Implant Surgery

length-after-penile-implant-surgery-01Many men in need of penile implants worry about what to expect from the procedure. A key concern for many of these individuals is penile length after penile implant surgery. This is one of the most common concerns and one that you should bring up to your doctor when you visit for a consultation. Most importantly, it is the job of your urologist to help you to achieve as close to a normal erection as is possible, and that includes considerations for penile length.

Talk to Your Doctor First

length-after-penile-implant-surgery-02There is no doubt that your doctor will try to create as normal of an erection as is possible for you. Keep in mind that the penile prosthesis creates a satisfying, very firm result. And, while it may not be the “normal” solution, it is a highly effective option. That being said, it is important to discuss your expectations with your doctor before you have this procedure. Every patient’s needs are a big different and doctors need to consider them carefully before the procedure. If you don’t talk to your doctor about penile length after penile implant surgery, you may not be happy with the results later.

Your doctor will explain the likely results with you based on your specific circumstances. Size can vary due to the type of surgery, the type of implant used, and the overall specifics of your body chemistry. During an in-office visit, your doctor will measure and document the length of the erection after your procedure. Additionally, before your procedure, your doctor can provide you with some evidence of what you can expect after the penile implantation occurs.

Will It Be Normal?

length-after-penile-implant-surgery-03The biggest concern from men tends to be the normalcy of the implant. In terms of size, the penile implant will be as close to normal as possible. Your urologist will discuss any specifics in terms of whether it will be differently sized from your current penis. Keep in mind that the type of implant you obtain will play the biggest role in the overall “normal” look of your penis after the implant.

It’s okay to be worried about the length of your penis after penile implant surgery. Yet, you also need to talk to your doctor about this openly to ensure he or she understands your desired outcome. When you meet with our top-notch urologist in Manhattan, New York, you’ll get the care you need.

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