The Possible Side Effects of Penile Implants

While it’s true that penile implants have a lot to offer in terms of how effective they are at treating erectile dysfunction, there are some possible side-effects that you should know about. Not everyone who gets these implants experiences side-effects, but some do. The more you know about this, the better prepared you are going to be.


It is perfectly normal for there to be a little bit of bleeding after penile implant surgery, though you should see your doctor if there is an excessive amount of blood loss. Sometimes, overexertion in the initial recovery phase can cause quite a bit of bleeding, which is why it’s so important that you take it easy.


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Although it is considered to be fairly rare, penile implants can malfunction. The inflatable penile implants are the ones that are most likely to malfunction, though there is always a chance with each kind. These implants typically last anywhere from eight to twelve years before they need to be replaced or fixed. If you ever experience any problems with using one of these devices, it is important that you see your doctor immediately.


penile implantMost patients who undergo penile implant surgery experience at least a little bit of pain, but your doctor will prescribe you medication to help with managing it. The amount of pain a person who gets penile implants experiences will depend on a number of things, including their threshold for pain, as well as the type of implant that is put in.

Erosion of Implant

Sometimes, the implant can become eroded to the point where it actually goes through the skin, but only if an infection occurs and it is not taken out immediately. This is why it is extremely important that you get your implant removed at once if you suspect an infection. The implant could potentially erode into the urethra as well, but only if it sustained damage during the actual procedure. This is a worst-case scenario and it’s very rare.


penile implantIn some cases, an infection can occur, but it happens with less than 0.5% of everyone who undergoes this surgery. There can be some serious complications that arise from infection during a penile implant surgery though, so it’s important that you know what some of the signs are. If you begin to experience an unusual amount of pain or swelling around the incision area, it’s important that you notify your doctor immediately.
The sooner you get the infection treated, the less damage there is going to be to your body. The worst possible thing you could do is to wait to seek treatment.


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