What to Do During the Week Prior to Penile Implant Surgery

If you are planning to undergo penile implant surgery, you will need to know what you have to do before the actual procedure. There are a few things that you’ll be responsible for, and they are critical to the overall success of the surgery. By doing these things, you will greatly increase the chances of the procedure being effective with no complications whatsoever.

Medications You Cannot Take

penile implantThose who are going to get penile implant surgery done will need to completely abstain from taking certain medications, including anything that contains Aspirin, for a period of one week before the procedure. You will need to tell your doctor about any medications you are currently taking so they can tell you whether or not it’s safe to continue taking them. It will also be necessary to stop taking any natural/herbal supplements.

Washing the Incision Area

You will be instructed to wash the area where the incision will be made with Hibiclens two times a day, for three days leading up to the surgery. This is done to reduce the chances of skin bacteria causing an infection during or after the procedure. It is very important that you make a point of doing this because there could be serious complications if you don’t.

Abstaining from Food and Drink

surgeryIt will be necessary for you to also abstain from consuming any food or drink eight hours before the procedure, including water. The only exception to this is that you can drink a small amount of clear liquids up to six hours prior to the surgery. This is fairly standard for any invasive procedure.

Bring Someone with You

You should bring someone with you to the hospital or clinic, so they can drive you home afterward. You will not be allowed or able to drive yourself home due to the nature of the surgery. Make sure that you have a ride home, whether the person comes with you or arrives to pick you up once the procedure has been completed.

Morning of the Procedure

penile implantOn the morning of the procedure, you will need to take all of the medications you have been prescribed. You will also need to bring a list of all your current medical complaints (if any) with you so the doctor can make an assessment. Depending on how you are feeling on the day of the procedure, the procedure could be postponed until you are feeling better. Even a slight cold can create serious complications with an invasive procedure like this. It’s important that you are completely honest about how you feel when speaking to the doctor.

There are only a handful of things you need to remember when it comes to preparing for penile implant surgery, but they are all very important. Those who fail to comply with all of the pre-op instructions put their own health and well-being at risk.

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