Ways to Clear Up Urethral Blockages Due to Penile Trauma

urethraTraumatic events can change a person’s body and cause scarring that goes deeper than skin level. If you have been in an accident, are the victim of a violent attack, or you had an unsuccessful penile surgical procedure, you may have a lot of scar tissue collected in and around the urethra. A blocked urethra can make the passing of urine difficult and painful, and you might also have complications with intimacy. There aren’t any magical potions that you can drink which will clear up a blocked urethra, but a urologist will have some very practical suggestions on what you can do to get better.

Urethral Stents

If your urethra is blocked because of the development of excess scar tissue, a surgical stent can be placed inside. The stent will make it easier for you to pass urine and alleviate any issues you are having when trying to use the bathroom. You will likely need to have an outpatient procedure to have a urethral stent placed inside of your penis, but recovery from this surgery is very rapid.

Dilating the Urethra

penile implantA urologist can use urethral dilation to help clear up urethral blockages in men. A device can be placed inside of a urethra that has been narrowed with scar tissue. This will naturally and gradually cause the urethra to widen. This solution is often used before any type of penile surgery is attempted. Dilating the urethra takes time, so you can expect it to slowly become easier to use the facilities as your urethra is widened and your urologist notes that your symptoms are improving. A catheter may be used in conjunction with urethral dilation.

Reconstructing the Urethra

In the event that neither a urethral stent nor urethral dilation has helped your condition, your urethra might need to be completely reconstructed. Only an expert penile reconstructive surgeon will be capable of widening your urethra so that you are able to function as you did before you suffered penile trauma. This type of surgery is complicated and may take hours in the operating room to perfect. If you trust your surgeon and know what kind of results to expect then this solution is one of the best available for clearing up a blocked urethra.

Sometimes, scar tissue can be cleared away or even manipulated over time to allow for the normal flow of urine through the urethra. If you have a blocked urethra then surgery may be needed to get back to normal. Contact us today for more information on how you can work with our expert penile implant specialists in New York City.

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